Sometime ago, a controversial book circulated but was quickly banned because of its strong political scent and overtures. The title is “Some are Smarter than the Others.” The book was so controversial that its authors have as yet to be seen from the time the book circulated up to the present.

Nonetheless, the title alone can mean a number of biased interpretations. One can even deduce numerous connotations about it and one need not be a seasoned philosopher to underscore several implications. Indeed, some are smart, some are even smarter, than the rest of the specie.

To be smart means intelligent and one with acumen. That is according to Oxford dictionary. It came from old English “smeortan” (verb). The original sense of the term is “causing sharp pain; from this arose “keen, brisk”, whence the current senses of “mentally sharp” and “neat in a brisk, sharp style.”

Normally, it is the school that prepares a person to be smarter. He becomes gregarious to a large extent. Of course, there are also extraordinary lessons one can learn from the streets although these are mainly results of frustrations and problems. At times, learning from the street is practical, pragmatic than lessons derived from learning theories in school. But the street could offer a person to be smart only. Schools can up the ante by making the learner smarter.

A smart person succeeds if people around him would play dumb or moronic. A smarter person on the other hand transforms dumb and moronic people to be smart.

There are instances when people are played around by smart alecks. They are like children to a magician. People are vulnerable and at times uninitiated in the ways of the world. A single smart act could transform them into believers. More so, if a smart person conducts his act in a cinematic or in an artistic manner. Scam artists or speculators are like that, they are a template of what a smart persons could become. I would even include charlatans and some cult leaders in their ranks.   They lead people to follow their cause because in so doing the people are convinced that they will prosper and will be benefited in the process. Although the reverse happen. These smart people capitalize on the greed of the people, on their susceptibilities, on their self-centeredness. Carelessness is always at the core of the great many. Hence, their minds can easily be clouded.

At the end of the day, it is the smart people who survive better than the ordinary guys. Their nemesis however are those whom they cannot train their guns and ammunitions on. This is because they are better trained, disciplined and are referred to by their challengers as the smarter guys. These are the educated class. But of course, they are the scholars and despite scholastic pressures, they still could play active in the extra curricular activities of their schools. Scholars mostly are smart. But those few adventurous students, they who partake of more extra curricular tasks comprise the core of the smarter group. From their ranks would rise the smartest. Depending on their outlook, they become successful entrepreneurs, scientists, political stalwarts, statesmen.

Indeed, some are smarter than others. More so, they lead a fulfilling and a happier life.






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