Philippine Star columnist Federico Pascual in his August 3, column wrote that a friend from an intel unit whispered to him that a coup in the offing.   Accordingly, the “coup is likely to pop live fire late in August.” He failed to ask his informer on what year but he presumed it this year.  There was however a rejoinder to the information.  The coup may be reset on a later date because a neophyte legislator (read:  Senator Trillanes) broke out the news in media.

Senator Antonio Trillanes believes that there are movements somewhere indicating the brewing of another coup.  It is not a rumor though.  He is correct.  There will be a coup.  But these are not armed groups to take over government and rule rough shod indefinitely.  This is not about an insurgent organization carrying ideological principles out to make a difference through combat.  This is not about a separatist association on the verge of power play to prove their point.  There is no left and right consideration in the grab of power.  The coup Senator Trillanes is referring to is pure grabbing and disinterested in power.  It is not an ordinary textbook coup instigated before.  This is more sinister.  It is a display of might, cunning and force.  It is akin to a criminal act of snatching, it is everything called vendetta rather than a political projection.  It is an act of getting even, a show of shivering and brutal strength aimed at those in power.  And it is born not from the nursery of principles but from the desperation of personal beliefs.

This could happen when justice as virtue becomes ambiguous.  When out of the blue, principles are set aside in favour of personal bias.  Talk of coup includes suspicious regrouping of has been in the military and police service.  They have no following in the first place.  In their respective estimation, they are spent bullets already.  Caution however is to be applied on the younger officers of the uniformed organization.  But just the same, they will never move unless there is what is referred to as the formation of a critical mass.

But there is indeed a movement somewhere.  Let us give it flesh and consider it from the vantage point of criminal justice as mercenaries.  These are loose and highly trained persons.  They are also called “soldiers of fortune.”  They are employed for a while as hit men, others as vigilantes.  In the highly imaginative world of movies, they are the expendables.  When they are contracted, they attack.  They are the bigger and more professional syndicates, several notches higher than those we know as “riding in tandem.”  After the completion of a “job”, they would just blend among the people and disappear, only to materialize in some parts of a remote area doing menial trade.  There is nothing permanent in their persuasion.  It is just some kind of a side line.

Once upon a time, a motley group of this nature would pop out of history to claim what for them is necessary.  We heard of how Khadafy grabbed the throne of Libya’s King.  We have heard likewise of how Egypt’s Anwar Sadat suffered and fell in the hands of his paratroopers.  The Ghandi’s of India, how mother and son would be felled by explosions.  So on and so forth.  These were not power grabs, neither was it anything near a coup but violent enough to replace leadership much like that of an organized and politically motivated coup.

Senator Trillanes, a dyed in the wool mutineer and whose template of coup plans hewed closely that of his seniors in the military rebel ranks, projected that there were retired military officers identified with previous administration who were discussing power grab, discontented as they were if not frustrated as a result of their alienated status.  They were completely ignored and were trying to flex their muscles into the ranks of their former turfs.  Nonetheless, there were no takers and they seemed to be uncared for even by the ranks.  But their insinuation to Trillanes estimation should not be left unheeded.  From their sentiment may as yet grow some plans which may prove fatal politically to the country.  Mercenaries may be funded to pursue what the military would fail to conduct and this is critical in the economic lifeblood of the country.  Investors and even home grown entrepreneurs would be scared and the country’s improved trade and industry would take a big unfortunate blow to the detriment of social progress.

It takes a matured collective to resist the effects of this violent manifestation.

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