organized beddings

How can a person aspire to have a successful, orderly and prosperous life when he cannot even fix his beddings? I am very particular on this aspect because early in life, my mother would scold, raise a voice, make tantrums whenever she would see my room with all my things tupsy turvy. Her last words after the drill master’s commanding instruction was “if I intend to lead a good life, I must have to start where I get up.”  In her acerbic language “kwarto mo nga hindi mo maayos, buhay mo pa!”

 This has become for me some kind of a personal mantra. Although as a boy, like everyone else, I was designed to throw everything everywhere with merely pure instinct guiding me on how to navigate my room, the voice of my mother would rang out somewhere beneath used clothes strewn about. There were of course some pangs of conscience haunting me whenever I would ignore her reminders but as time would move on, in every task I would venture about, in all the challenges and difficulties, I would admit that mother was correct all along.

 If indeed I must persevere or work to attain prosperity, I must begin where I was supposed to jump off. And it is in my room where my launching pad is. A disorganised personal area naturally would seek a disorganised result in most undertaking. As the saying goes, “water seeks its own level.”

 And so after I graduated in school, I realised that like all my fellow classmates we must attain our dreams to be successful. While they were dependent on determining how and what principles to apply, I already have a ready reference: mother’s instructions delivered through yelling.   Well, that of course is necessary to bring the entire idea to its desired end, although there are other approaches, which are neatly as effective.

 Triumphs and successes are choosy partners. They are ready to depart their company if they are never attended to. Try to check in and stay for a day in a hotel where their rooms are nowhere near neatness and orderly. You may not even try to enter it in the first place. The same is true with luck and success. There are preparations, sacrifices if you may, which must have to be undertaken as the foundation for its partnering.

 I don’t know if I could duplicate mother’s posturing to my kids in relation to keeping one’s room clean; because in all honesty, I would just rely on their mother to do it. I could only make some gestures like folding the bed sheets thinking that they would understand my statement. It would be a disgrace if in the process, instead of taking note and doing something, they would just wait for me to do it again as a matter of course.

 I have met and befriended a lot of successful people and there is one aspect that I would notice. They are highly organized. Wherever they are, this is always a signature mark on their person.

 I am therefore no longer at a loss why some persons become so successful while others are not.

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