It has been said that from the time mankind appeared on earth and started its trek towards civilization, there were around 600 generations already.

For a personal purpose however, I would place my grandfather’s generation as the first.  My father’s as second. Mine as the third.  My son’s as fourth.  And his son, my grandson, as the fifth.  I could only look back the farthest in generational upbringing up to my grandfather’s time based on my empirical recollection on his life and the most recent, on my grandson, as far as my eyes could see.


During the first generation, which was my grandfather’s, he was already trying to survive in his own terms.  (He was born in 1898)  Growing up in the hilly town of San Pablo, Laguna, he would try everything just so he could earn not only his upkeep through trade but also through hustling.  He was an itinerant worker for his wares.  At one time, he was even selling pistols.  This was a period when law enforcement was not that firm yet.  And his exposure to marketing gave him an edge further enhancing his looks.  He was tall, medium built, fair complexion and had a wholesome and handsome face.  He was instantly a lady’s man when my grandmother was infatuated.  They eventually lived as husband and wife and my father was their first and only child.  (My father was born in 1922)  Their relationship never lasted though.  My grandfather went on with his Casanova ways and my grandmother, father in tow, went on to pursue a career in education as grade school teacher in the country side.


My father grew up with her maternal aunts.  (the second generation) His mother was oftentimes in a provincial assignment and could not nurture a toddler.  The growing up years of my father was virtually a period for self preservation.  He learned the art of survival at an early age.  He would even sell peanuts on the way to school to sustain his primary education.  He would always spend his time in a nearby convent to run errand and assure his daily meal.  Thereafter, he grew up following the discipline of his superiors, mostly priests, until he was conscripted into priesthood.  World War II broke up and it literally sent him out of the seminary and back to the streets.  He continued his education, working as labourer on the side, until finally he completed his tertiary education.  He was employed at the then Bureau of Posts and would carve a career in government service.

My father inherited my grandfather’s good looks except for the height.  Unable to get juvenile dates during the swooning period of the 50s, father concentrated on his studies.  Their generation was a tickler for credentials.  He courted equally studious lass, a college graduate and gainfully employed.

He was an accomplished professional and a talented bachelor at that.  When he got married, he had his own house, a nice stable job and bankable profession.  On top of that, he would still, despite being a family man, enrol and further his education.  His generation, a period which was marked and traumatized in World War II, was devoted to struggle.  His marriage to a former co-employee, a graduate in education, bore two children.  I was the eldest and a sister as the youngest. Father was a linguist, a Spanish professor with evening classes, an administrative officer in the government service by day and on week ends, a Niponggo tutor.


I was born in 1954 and it was lately ascribed as the birth of baby boomers too, that generation (the third  generation) which has never known the atrocities of World War and was enjoying the benefits of peace time.  It was the beginning of the rock and roll era, the mark of Aquarius, the hotbed of counterculture known as hippies, predominantly too liberal on one side and activist on the other.  That is right.  My generation had embraced a totally new environment.  On the latter part of the period, we would also benefit from our co-generation’s intellectual machination, the birth of cyber-technology.  From typewriter to laptap, we browsed the universe of knowledge.

I never inherited the genes for physical looks from my ancestors except perhaps their artistic inclination and audacity to accomplish something.  Deprived of such corporeal projections, I relied heavily on intellectual considerations.  I spent time voraciously reading every book that caught my fancy.  My wish was to be nothing else but a writer.  And I used up a great deal of time in the library leaving a few minutes for adventure.


I got married and eventually got into some relationships and from my domestic life was born a number of children.  Three of them are boys. (The fourth generation)  The first does not want commitment since he is tied with the arts.  The other is the daring kind, training to be an agro aerial pilot.  The youngest is still too young to expose.  My pilot son, born in 1992, got the genes of my grandfather; he was a bit taller, heftier, medium-built, good complexion and good looking.  Girls would by nature swoon to him.  He has never graduated yet and no stable job to boot but he got hooked already.  On a relationship with another student, as yet to graduate also, they bore a child, a boy. 


Babyboy was born 2014.  (the fifth generation).  This early he already had the physical genes of four generations behind him.

Babyboy will have his hands full once he comes of age.

As it is, science is moving towards determining the real score behind every mystery.  Every veil of secrecy of life and death is being defined to be understood by man.  Man has continuously developed a technology that would pierce through the unknown and resolve the puzzle of metaphysical limitation.  Ailments which had baffled mankind and had been considerably labelled as fatal have been controlled already.  Only a few dreaded sicknesses remained untreatable.

Man has captured the sky, the seas and the bowels of the earth even the galaxy that surrounded his planet.  He has explored every corner of this sphere and those in the solar system; and studied every conceivable field. 

John Lennon’s imagination may be realized.  There will be no war, religion, country, etc.  Peace will finally prevail everywhere and it would become the signature order of the day.

The succeeding generation may even hold the key to a lasting and perpetual basis to a life without an end.  The present generation has already supplied all the principles in making that happen. 

And with that, life goes on indefinitely without disturbance

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