It never occurred to me that one day I will be able to transcend ordinary life, the same plane where my ancestors once trod, and literally live in another dimension: cyberspace.  While in the past, people would rely on scrap books and personal mementoes to be shared with close associates and later discarded if not ignored because of mundane concerns, now the sharing has expanded to include even with those who are unrelated. 

It is in cyberspace where today’s generation (which should include those who are updated seniors) where knowledge, trivia and otherwise, are served by the plateful on the mainstream of consciousness.  Cyberspace, it has been said, is the notional environment in which communication over computer networks occurs.  It was first introduced in science fiction in the 1980s and became a household term in the 1990s courtesy of such geniuses like Steve Jobs and Bill Gates.  It has emerged into a living science, another plane, another metaphysical breadth where many new ideas and phenomena were to emerge.

In the advent of cyberspace grew such social networks like yahoo, facebook, wordpress, google, twitter, Wikipedia, youtube among others equally prominent and useful.

I am particularly drawn to facebook, even if I have to swallow a bit of my conceit, having been persuaded to register in such an idea made by someone several years my junior!  It is one fad which understandably all who are still in their juvenile years ought to get into, but what the heck am I doing in its roll when I belonged to the past already.  Not to be outdone by the youth, I skipped pride and got into the band wagon.  And lo and behold! I pulsate and think like the present selfie generation too!

When I joined Facebook in 2009, a good six years ago, I never expected that I would be linked to all the corners of the civilized planet.  I was used to banging around the neighbourhood; the farthest would be the university and nothing more physically.  If at all, a friend from abroad would arrive in town that would have been an occasion to get information on how some friends thereabout fare.  But in facebook, I would be able to receive messages and comments, even pictures of people I wished to have met decades past.  I would get the surprise of my life learning that my classmates in the elementary years, five decades ago, were all having their grand time too.

It is also through facebook that I would be able to monitor the most recent, the most kept and the most personal from family, friends and acquaintances.  I could even chat with people I never met at all, from US President to the chair of a criminal syndicate, whoever their hackers are.

A decade ago, I was hard pressed to expose my literary acumen, assuming it is that worthy, unless I have to double my effort to push my work in some publications.  To be published requires a lot influences and connections, a lot of talents and a lot of sacrifices too.  Just to write means one must have to straddle one library after another and invest in recently published books and journals.  With google, research has become a walk in the park.  With wordpress, one can publish his thoughts and his audience instantly is the world.

Living the life of an intellectual today is the most thrilling, the most adventurous, the most exciting. 

When one is in cyberspace, it is as if he has lived a thousand times greater than Socrates, Plato, Aristotle and other great thinkers in the world!

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