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Once upon a time, there was this interesting couple who fell in love during their teens and continued with their zealous devotion to each other until they eventually tied the knot, founded a family, bred offspring and ironically, got estranged despite overwhelming love.

They were merely grown up children when they marched to receive the sacrament of matrimony.  The girl was still studying and as yet to graduate from a course.  The boy, unable to continue his studies because of penury, explored work in a nearby hostel.

They were classmates in the elementary and knew each other as primary grade students.  They were just acquaintances but their exposure on the campus made them familiar to one another.   The girl rose up in ranks as a scholar while the boy slid down because of poor scholastic performance.  As the girl became secluded from social life literally enclosing herself with studies, the boy eventually got employed in a relative’s business firm as itinerant and runner.

The Juvenile Years

During a school reunion, they would meet and from there, they would enjoy each other’s company.  The boy had a job already and practically the means to buy neat clothing.  He would perennially visit the girl and continue to woo and express thoughtfulness on his inamorata.  Persuaded by the audacity of the boy, the girl accepted an invitation to be treated where the boy was working.  Their first date would be followed by several more.

In the agency where the boy was regular personnel, the girl was always impressed.  She was convincingly enamored  Everyone in the workplace would gamely bow down at the boy, everyone nearly genuflecting at their presence, indicating that indeed the boy was the manager or occupying a significant designation in the headquarters.  They boy never hid the pretence.  As a matter of fact, he played into the role and that made the girl terribly amazed.  The girl eventually accepted the affectionate proposal from the remarkable boy.

From the way, he carried himself, he projected as if he was the owner of the establishment and the girl was mighty proud about her consummate boyfriend.  Scholars are never street-wise.

The Courting Stage

The boy persisted in his mission to fully capture his lady love.  He would always take time to fetch his girlfriend, escort and accost her in every school activity.  There were even times when he would stay out late and would be prodded to stay and spend the night in the house of the girl to the dismay of the girl’s mother.  The mother could sense that her daughter might be hoodwinked by a pretentious boy.  Mother’s intuition could have foretold that if indeed the boy was that accomplished and well off, the boy would not have stayed longer for decency sake.  What was even perplexing was the instance when the mother asked where the boy resided.  She got a round-around response as if evading the query.

Until the girl confessed to her family that she was already on the way.  For a conservative family where the girl belonged, wedding rites must have to be fulfilled.  The boy was overjoyed except that he had no savings yet.  The girl’s family nonetheless made the arrangements and footed the bill.  The marriage was a toss between a grand one and a memorable occasion.  The youngest in the brood was, after all, the unica hija, hence the fete.

The Real Score

And true to the suspicion of the mother, the boy had no house to speak off.  He was merely staying in a dilapidated shed at the back portion of a relative’s house. Worst, the boy was nowhere between the owner and supervisor of his workplace.  He was merely a liaison, a common helper and a kitchen reliever, a notch lower than the eatery’s dishwasher.

The boy had little means to support himself, much more so, sustain a family.  The family could not allow their only girl to live in a shack.  And so the girl and her husband must have to stay in their house instead.  And that was actually what the boy aimed for in the first place.  He merely inserted himself into the girl’s household as a person married to a member.  That was his passport and the girl’s family felt sad in the process.  They could not allow the girl to live with her struggling man because the man had nothing to offer in the first place.  The man merely used the girl so that he could enter a middle class lifestyle and ensure a considerable shelter on his head.  Because he abused his time and would seldom report for work, a few months after the splendid ceremony, as if on cue, the man was dismissed from work and would join the army of unemployed.

A Criminal Act

Worse still, the new household member, at regular intervals, would even pawn every valuable his wife would leave around, mostly heirloom jewelries borrowed from her mother.  The mother could sense there were inside job in her lost valuables until such insinuation would reach the daughter’s attention.  That would start a cold relationship between daughter and mother until one day; both would be surprised to receive a continuous flow of mailed receipts from a pawnshop indicating that the lost jewelries were actually pawned after all by the man.

Sensing that he was being trailed by suspicious members of the household, he sought for an employment overseas.  He was jobless for a number of years anyway.  The time spent abroad was not productive though. He would merely send pictures that he was having a grand time in several ports and these were proudly shown by the girl to her family.   He would however seldom remit his salaries and would oftentimes wire his wife to send support.  His wife would instantly send succour notwithstanding the fact that at that time she was singularly maintaining their own family and supporting a brood.  She was already gainfully employed as a middle manager in an established firm and could flex some considerations.  She would even be playing a generous host to a number of her husband’s kin and relatives who haled from the province to seek support and assistance too from her on a regular basis.

Unable to fulfil any remarkable job abroad, the husband returned to play second fiddle to his wife as driver and liaison.  This would continue until the man asked his wife to get into a business project.  The parents of the wife were also convinced to be willing partners of the venture until one day; they would discover that their capital was being wasted on an activity without any commercial value.  The business or what it was flunked.   And naturally, the parents were disillusioned.  Those who helped felt they were also goofed except for the wife.

A Case of Recidivism

The wife on the other hand wanted to give another chance to her husband and decided to move in a place far from the parents.  After all, the wife was already receiving a princely sum as a top school official.  To make her husband the central figure in their own family, the wife allowed her man to enter into several contracts with several commercial ventures.  She was mighty proud to see her husband on top of his game.   She would even consent to signing all cheques to be issued by her husband.

Her trust in her man however would prove to be her undoing.

Since there was little business entered into, there were no revenues or profits earned and deposited in the bank.  All the checques signed by the wife bounced and a series of criminal complaints filed against the wife.  Her integrity in the community where she worked and resided was in tatters.  The man merely evaded those he short-changed and hid in different provinces on the guise of conducting business exploration.

Furthermore, the wife was grossly humiliated by a number of people the husband transacted with.  All of them exacted from her instant repayment or face criminal indictment.  The wife, out of desperation and shame, paid everything, emptying all her savings and went into a binge of filing loans left and right.  Her parents would also come in to rescue her from destitution, withdrawing sums from deposited retirement savings if only to liberate their daughter from a degrading situation.

She had to endure the disgrace brought about by scandal until she was forced to resign.  Considering the high marks on her education credentials, it did not take long for her to get another post in a school of good standing.  She had to double her efforts since all her children were still growing up and all were virtually dependent on her means and resources.

But her fortune would be short lived.   A few months after, her mother was slain and the source of her fiduciary assistance dwindled.

The Second Coming

The husband reappeared after the financial problems had been resolved.  This time, he would be accosted by his younger brother.  By then, the wife was planning to return to her ancestral house to be with her widowed father. Accordingly, it was economical that way than to rent.  The brothers would then induce the wife to engage in another business, an activity which would send them off to another country to earn dollars.    She pleaded her superiors in the academe to advance her salary for the important project of her husband.

That would be the last attempt that the wife would hear from them.  She would never get information on what happened next.  She merely shrugged her shoulders thinking that her husband was really working hard to surprise her in the end.  Her love for her husband transcended any suspicion.  She was always there for him.

Years later, the younger brother would be heard having an employment in a nearby province.  The husband was nowhere however, possibly left abroad, feeling embarrassed not having anything to remit or possibly having found another life in another country with another gullible partner he could always sway.  The younger brother was mum about it.

The End of an Ideal

Years and years later, the thought of having been conned by love could not get through the lips of a dedicated woman.  She had never even for once tricked herself nor anyone else.  She has been true and faithful to her loved one, except that in the end, she realized that she was ensnared helplessly by love.

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