in charge

If the police are at war with scalawags in uniform, then who is in charge of peace and order in the streets?  Are people paying taxes so that the police could wage daily battle against their erring colleagues?

Are the police paid to monitor their ranks which of late have been, some to be fair but relatively representative of the whole however, conscripted by criminal syndicates if not leading lights of criminal syndicates?

There was a joke before by a former chair of National Police Commission.  He declared that New York Police respond in five minutes after a call has been made; Japanese law enforcers in three minutes.  But Filipino patrol in a matter of seconds!  What happened in that infamous EDSA hulidap says it all.  The police, the whole police station as a matter of fact, was there at the crime scene, well, sadly, as criminals.

As it were, no one is in charge anymore about order in the community except for a few guided souls and the discipline of a handful of educated elite.  Worst, where there was order and stability, it is even disturbed by people paid to maintain it.  Reports on kidnapping, mulcting, extortion, rape, murder and a litany of criminal activity have been perpetrated by the police.  It does not inspire strength, it breeds frustration.

Of course, on a positive note, it is also the police that would crack open the nefarious works of their fellow but is this exactly how it should be?  If there were no victims and if at all the intended crime has been nipped in the bud, then that should have been a fair accomplishment.  But it has become a serial criminal motion conducted by a neophyte police officer and as if on cue, would persist up those who retired from the service.  Crimes seemed to have been ingrained deeply into the system and have metastasized to what it is today.

It is a sad commentary on a group supposedly trained to fulfil the mandate of peace.  It is even sadder for a population to be held captive for its goods.  There is an impression that the low lifes have taken over the reign of administration and that the people are rendered hopeless and weakened.

In time, there will be pockets of communities that would subscribe to a “dog-eats-dog” means to survive.  No longer is the truism “survival of the best” that would push quality of life upwards but rather “survival of the worst” which would push society down the drain of insignificance and obliteration.

Society is therefore vulnerable to vigilantism. But society has matured to the level of objectivity and patience.  They would rather look up to the heavens for succour and seldom to the mountains for salvation.   Senator Miriam Santiago’s braggadocio is therefore never seen as brash posturing.  Her bearing directly challenges her pet peeves—the jerks, the corrupt, the inefficient, the incompetents, the low lifes.  The same scoundrels which society have marked but could not do anything.  Davao Mayor Rody Duturte’s projection against these villains could not contain his anger too.

There is therefore a move to declare a Miriam-Rody tandem as the best duo to be called “In –Charge.”


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