flooded street

Floods evoke emotions and yes, a lot of implications too for those who were affected.  Let’s take note:

  1. Students:  no classes
  2. Laborer: no wage
  3. Farmers: Curse
  4. Religious: Sacred reminder
  5. Government Officials: Flood control project
  6. Government functionary: calamity loan
  7. Informal settler: evacuation center
  8. Doctors: Emergency room
  9. Lawyers: watching news
  10. Children: home alone
  11. Writer: material inspiration
  12. Entertainer: Social work
  13. Politician: Symphathy vote
  14. Businessman: Looting
  15. Driver: rage
  16. Tourist: crime
  17. Traveller: Annoyance
  18. Military: Disaster work
  19. Police: Precinct paper work
  20. Athlete: rest day
  21. Journalist: negative incident

Whenever there is flood, I am reminded of how people, whatever stations they have in life, respond.  I oftentimes would look from the vantage point of faith in one’s capacity to deal with challenges.  At times, it is a matter whether one is an amateur or a professional.  Or probably there is a measure of luck somewhere.  You may wonder how a farmer like Noah could build a boat that withstood and went afloat for 40 days until the deluge subsided and Noah with family survived.  Contrast with that of Titanic, built with premium materials by the best marine engineers, as it floated and eventually sank after five days of its maiden voyage.

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