It is still early in the game we normally attribute as election.  When the time comes, public offices are up for grabs; and these are positions from top to the bottom of the government totem pole.  Of course, it goes without saying that the necessary perks and privileges are all luminescent and dangling tempestuously in front of the winner.  That is the usual impression.

Leadership in this side of the planet is more political than social, more of a token rather than a principled crusade.  Political promises are mere come-ons, packaging techniques rather than quality contents.  And the great majority, the political audience, the constituency have no other recourse but sigh rather than sing.  Life goes on after the exercise; business comes, grindingly slow as it was, as usual and back to the normal struggle.  For the worker, it’s back to work.  For those given the mandate, its time to recover not only lost ground but material investments as well.

The field of Dreams

Only a few daring souls are eligible for genuine leadership, the rest are but fillers already.  We, the great majority, could only wish and dream.  We could only speculate and make informal conjectures.  We anticipate the merger of good people ranked versus the not so good ones.  And there are several good names that of late have been hugging the people’s consciousness.

The Frontrunners

Earlier on, Senator Miriam Santiago, still recovering from an illness, stood up following a televised quote from respected constitutionalist Fr. Joaquin Bernas who said that President Aquino should not entertain any idea on a second term and instead to give Senator Santiago a break.  It was an indirect anointment which the good Senator immediately reckoned.  She immediately came up, in accepting the challenge, with a roster seeking to have as her vice president erstwhile Davao strongman and mayor Rodrigo Duterte.  Duterte immediately shot down the innuendo though.

Then a series of political combination would be heard.  There was of course front liner VP Jojo Binay who earlier suggested to have Senator Jinggoy Estrada as his running mate.  Then it was rephrased to businessman Manuel Pangilinan who instantly submitted a rejoinder of disinterest.

Senator Chiz Escodero tried to court the Marcos followers by reviving an old issue and recommending the burial of former President Ferdinand Marcos at the Libingan ng mga Bayani.  Senator Escudero may have thought that Filipinos have short memory and have forgotten threats of families and relatives of heroes buried on the site that they will immediately exhume their loved ones once it happens.  But politics dictate that anything can be haggled for a vote.

Then, there was a move by another sector to push Senator Grace Poe into the limelight.  To add a quintessential flavour, the widow of former Secretary Jess Robredo, Congresswoman Leni Robredo would be an ideal tandem as VP.

Not to be outdone, Senators Cayetano and Trillanes made considerable move to manifest likewise their entry into the contest using their wizardly in blue ribbon investigation as medium for recall.

The Duterte Mystique

For those serious to have their final fate in favour of progress, a group in Davao, the de facto capital of Mindanao, went on social network to announce a tickler “Duterte for President!”  Mayor Duterte immediately issued a warning that he will shoot and  kill those behind it.  Known for his strong man tactic in dealing with criminality in his city, threatening to exterminate violators was one of his expressions which at times are understood in its pristine and realistic terms.  But his constituency is never fazed by his braggadocio.  There is peace and order, there is progress, there is growth, there is development.  A few months with him at the helm, Davao, sometime ago known as the hotbed of syndicates became one of the safest cities in the world.   More so, Davao was even recognized internationally as one of the most liveable cities in the planet.   What more can be asked for.

In the event the good Mayor really intends to retire and ignore the growing demand of his countrymen for him to lead the nation, the field is open nonetheless to qualified persons.

But this early, I have made a survey among the silent majority if indeed they are serious in endorsing Mayor Duterte to the Presidency, and most if not all of them replied in a chorus:  MAGPAPABARIL NA KAMI MAGING PRESIDENTE LANG SIYA!

After the survey, I went home, my head vowed and feeling like a SIPSIP.

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