Normally, whenever a person has accomplished something which is reckoned by his peers or his neighbourhood, whether organizational or fraternal, it becomes his trademark and perhaps his contribution to humanity.  A person may be very young or probably very old to achieve some or a major feat.  Emilio Aguinaldo was 29 years old when he became the first President of his country.  Socrates, on the other hand, was a stooped 85 year old itinerant teacher when brought to the bar of justice having been known to have tutored kids on philosophy, then a progressive and illegal ideology tantamount to inciting the youth to rebellion.  The point is, they are accomplished or have accomplished something for their fellow men.

A person may just be what he is, a good cook, a good follower, a good listener, a good preacher, a good writer, a good soldier, a good leader, a good provider, a good consultant, a good driver, a good friend, so on and so forth.  A “good” here means one who exceeds what is normal.  One who is almost a shade closer to a martyr, or that of a hero.  Of course, no one aspires to be a martyr or hero because it is endowed and rather conferred and never willed unless one loses his grip on reality or defies practicality.

I have bouts of self assessment whenever contemplating on how a person fares in life.  I would rather use my self as my initial subject.  Lest I commit an error in my estimation, since I am using empirical data only, the fault will just be laid on myself.

For me, reaching the age of 60 is already a milestone.  I may have missed heroism in my 30s like what Rizal, Aguinaldo, Napoleon, Jesus had achieved before; or, that of Billy Gates, Steve Jobs in recent times. Or, have exuded brilliancy in their 40s like Shakespeare, Einstein, Freud, Hemmingway, and a number of famous thinkers, scientists and literary giants before breaching the golden years.  But I have lived life considerably better if not lighter than the ordinary run of men in my time.  And never had I dreamt that it should be that way.  Fate had something to do with it and of course, there was education in between.

By the time I reached the senior age, I am already self sufficient.  I have my own library and have maintained the technology that goes with it.  I have published my work and at times called upon to share ideas through lecture and consultancy.  My savings could even be enough to extend assistance to those around me in need of basic resources and services.

I may not have contributed any major piece of excellence to mankind but like great men before me, I have attempted to follow their paths of interests and felt the same enthusiasm in the course of travelling through times with adventurous spirit.  I tried fine arts (painting, caricatures, sculpture)  , music (instrumental), literature (prose, poetry, blogging), science (research and studies in penology), philosophy (preaching, travelling), every conceivable refinements of renaissance, although I never excelled in any, the feeling of accomplishment was there.

On the whole, I have no debts neither I am indebted financially to anyone.  I live according to my resources and virtually survive on the basis of my savings.   Revenues from book sales, lectureships, consultancy keep my savings afloat and have ensured future emergencies without chills.  I also could count a number of friends and have never made any enemies at all.  My sense of humour has stayed with me all through out and it animated every interaction I would conduct.  Wherever I am, laughter is the common denominator.

Life is indeed spent worthily.  And together with my books, I have the confidence that I would reside in one of its pages and that for me is accomplishment already.

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