information highway

A decade past Y2K, technology has taken a giant leap.  So great and even gargantuan that it literally buried the past technology to the dustbin of obsolescence.  Knowledge can be obtained no longer through the arduous task of research but by mere clicking an icon in the internet.  A simple connection in cyberspace, which a child can already perform, is enough to be right on the so called information highway.  Books which heretofore were considered almost a luxury can be browsed in digital form, well mostly, free of charge.  One can even be treated to a summary of a voluminous work.

The world of internet virtually shrunk the world and even flattened it.  Surfing in internet, one gets knowledge in its simplest form compared with years of assiduous attendance in school.  Not that those schools are on the road to irrelevance but knowledge would no longer be the principal concern of academic institutions anymore.  If at all, schools are important, it would only be on the matter of teaching a person the lesson of gregariousness and maturity in interpersonal relationships; a singular feat which is significant in the world of learning.

The application of Google made the playing field in the acquisition of ideas equal for the teacher and the studentry.  The more exposure, the more a person is hardwired to the digital world, the more confident, the more skilled, the more competent a person becomes.

As each passing day, technology leaps almost as grand in a flick equivalent to a century of development before.  In the past the formulation of scientific equation takes years of research. Today, everything is almost given and it is just a matter of combining or blending concepts to develop a game changing if not an earth shaking idea. The development of computers and its component technology and applications  can even engage the most brilliant mind to a game of mental athletics.  Even areas where the mind could excel as in problem solving and critical thinking, computers have already a specific applications to deal with.

20 years ago when I had my first gadget, a laptap, I thought that I had 2 staff officers with me at a wince.  Now, with my updated notebook, I feel that I have an entire organization on my palm!

Before, I must have a big room to contain all my books and my active files cum references.  Now, I only need a small shoulder bag to hold my tablet, accessories and hard disc.  If I will print and have hard copies of all that which are in my hard disc,  I need a whole house to maintain everything.

Last week my microwave malfunctioned.  I called a friend who is familiar with fixing gadgets.  No matter what he did,  he could not open the appliance.  He brought it to a repair center and was suggested to throw away the item.  Accordingly, such an appliance is good for a specific period and that it would be uneconomical to repair it already.  He asked his son to check the diagram in the internet and voila! The appliance was instantly fixed.

A few weeks ago, I got homesick and salivate on a piece of Max’s chicken.  Since my camp is far from the city, I could only bite my lips and wished for a week end drive.  I checked the internet and there on YouTube was a 10-minute tutorial on how to cook the Max’s chicken.  I followed the instruction and from then on, if I want something, all that I have to do is take it to the information highway.  I need not dress up and spend time travelling; it was just a matter of seconds when internet is connected.

From that time on, I am always down there in IH.

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