In 1970 a group of singers known as The Temptations sang a song that became a number one hit. The title is “Ball of Confusion.” Its subtitle “That is what the world is today” explained what the title is all about even if one could not get a record and checked the lyrics of the song. All said and understood. The world is a ball of confusion. But that is not what I intend to discuss in this column though.

I merely used the title of the song if only to introduce the term “confusion” in a ubiquitous way. In other words, I wish to point out that in this time, I am, and perhaps along with most people, are under a state of confusion. Confused at the state of how things are in this country.

I have been to other countries and I could not but make comparisons on how things are conducted. I have been to Japan, Malaysia and Australia and I am impressed at how their respective government would move to improve the quality of life of its citizens. Their government virtually makes life orderly, organized and methodical for them. If at all there is progress, if at all people are prosperous, if at all there is success, it is precisely because their government has made it possible. There is political maturity in the governing leadership. Leadership stabilizes government.

In developing countries, it is the other way around. People suffer because of government. If at all there is failure, if at all there is hardship, if at all there is poverty, it is precisely because their government has made it possible. Leadership means dictatorship. Leadership means superiority above the rest, even above the law. Leadership is not handling the ship of State, it is juggling the funds of State. Leadership destabilizes government and when people cry foul, they are charged for destabilization.

A country develops if government should will it.

Israel was just founded as a nation in 1949. The Philippines then was already second to Japan as a developing country. Israel government immediately undertook the welfare of its bright and outstanding minds among the youth. Complete scholarship including provisions for their respective families is given. After the scholarship, the government attends to them, virtually accosting them to seek good employment in developed countries. As a result of good placement, these bright minds ascend the organizational ladder and in no time would become the head of establishments. These well -positioned State scholars would be right there whenever Israel is in danger.

Now, let us look at how developing countries treat their bright people. Of course, there is scholarship but after graduation, it is fair game. The scholar is left at the mercy of the elements. If he stays, he is suspected. Should the scholar decide to explore and test his mettle outside his country, government levies numerous taxes and fees. Poor scholar, he must pawn valuable assets to proceed where he intends to shine. And shine he would eventually do. When the developing country would later discover that one of its son has been declared an expert, he would be invited to help his country. That is where the difference lies. The expert still hurting from the exploitation and difficulties he encountered would find little inspiration from the invitation. In his mind, to hell with his government.

And that is just a small segment in a vast of difference.

Now, where do I begin? Is it to curse the scholar, the stars, fate, the gods? Government? Oneself? Leadership perhaps? Voters who deserved those they choose?

I feel like a ball of confusion.

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