That’s right Pare, you better stay where you are.  The crimes you were asking me for details here in our country indeed were true and it really happened.  Well, sometimes, incidents posted in our Facebook account are exaggerated, at times hilariously projected like announcing the death of a celebrity, when in fact it is not true.  Facebook denizens have a tendency to declare anyone they dislike into a “Rest In Peace” wallpaper.  There are indeed a number of foul deeds, imagined or real, that borders on the level of bizarre.

It is there on front page in daily newspapers, blared on radio and flashed on television.  Crime has succeeded in conscripting even offices and personalities sworn to prevent it.  Everyone, survivors included, has brushes with criminality and was somewhere, somehow has become perpetrators themselves.  Crime seems to be the standard on which a citizen must have to deal with.

A few days ago, a skinny 11 year old boy selling Pandesal was held up and his earnings grabbed by a big older man.  Can you imagine that?  And then, there was this old lady in an ATM booth who was whacked without mercy and robbed by a bully, a shared video for information on internet for the concerned. As if humanity has not evolved, a security guard was shot in broad daylight, in public and repeatedly shot until the victim dies. And nobody seems to care anymore!

And then we have another situation where churches are no longer exempted from criminal hostilities.  Church goers are assassinated within the revered compound and recently, while religious services were being conducted, a grenade was thrown killing several and injuring a number.  There is no longer “holy and sacred” in the vocabulary of crime in this country.  Wherever there are people, there exists a crime.  Even in the lofty confines of government, in the high offices of the national leadership, in the sala of the courts, on the corridors of legislature, even at the door step of criminal justice administration, crime and criminality are fundamental fixtures.

Those into commerce must have to bite their lips and at times must have to kowtow with predators around them.  Everyone is suspect be they in uniform, in robe or in cloth.  It is a sad state of affairs.  They must have to embrace and collaborate, even participate in some corrupt practices so that their investments would not dry up.

Society is gripped with fear.  People are confused.  Pedestrians feel that they are prey to a hopeless condition.  It is a dog-eats-dog proposition.  They just grin and bear it.  It is like living in an area where there is constant storm, where nature’s fury is a regular occurrence.  Here in this country, the people’s adrenalin is higher than the rest of humanity.  It makes them agile and youthful, vigilant and street wise.  That is the bright side, all else are downright blight.

Of course, you know all of these that‘s why you preferred to stay somewhere outside.  Good for you, good for your family.  Well, better for your kids too.  We were prepared to encounter these situations before although during our time, it was never as grave as today.  Our children bore the consequence of indifference, that which taught us earlier on to depend on ourselves alone.  They deserve a good environment which developed countries have.  For those who remained in this land must work double time, doubly hard actually and if necessary, cut corners, to achieve some kind of prosperity.

I am happy for you dear friend.  You made the right decision.  In our case over here, we are still hopeful that one day, government will eventually realize that it is incumbent upon its political and administrative machinery to make its constituency prosperous and happy.

When that happens, I need not badger you to come over.  It is time to come back.

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