The members of the Marine Corps of the military are trained to be deadly in every skirmish, whether it be on the battle ground or anywhere else.  Hence, they are usually confined in barracks ready to be deployed in hostile territory or unleashed at a given time and in a dangerous place.  They are classified, even if unarmed, as a deadly weapon.  They are never to be treated lightly, never to get messed up with and never to be played.  Their mindset is to kill and government has given them every course and combat skill to fulfil such advantage.  Their lives are dedicated, pure and simple, to the myopic cause of the military, whatever it is.  Their aim is attrition.  They are supposed to knock everyone down until they are the only ones remaining standing.

They were schooled to be venomous.  I know because I had my training along with some members of the Marine Corps joining the ranks of my group.  I was once a Ranger and most of my peers were from different military persuasion.  The Marines are the most skilled in handling armoury or an arsenal of various weaponry and the most ferocious when confronted with an opponent, deadlier still if indulged mano por mano.

Of course, these highly trained members of the military are still human beings, with basic moral and sacred values shared from earlier orientation.  Their stint in the armed forces merely enhanced their perceptive abilities and world view.  They are designed towards obedience.  They are the ultimate warriors from whose ranks would rise the Special Forces.  But while they never look alien notwithstanding the rigorous and at times lethal training immersion they came through, their very presence is already a sign of threat.  Hence, their limited , if not calibrated, exposure.

Given this situation, an area where they are posted, if at all civilian and not a war front, should be cleared.  Anything that presents a threat to them would virtually project almost instinctively their prowess in the deadly art of martial resolution.  If somebody would mess around with these soldiers, they had it coming.

In a culture which is basically inured in fooling everyone else, using the law as cloak for hanky panky, using even the principles of human rights as shield to outsmart anybody, their presence is anathema.  Soldiers of this nature are the antithesis of a wayward albeit backward community.

Those who think they can deceive them are in for a fatal surprise.  They live in a bubble, in a clean environment, discipline the foremost standard and any breach, token or grave, is immediately penalized harshly.  Their threshold for patience is not the same as those enrolled in religious seminary.  They breathe under an air defined by a strict code of conduct.

If people in a developing country believes that they have society which is loosely governed and allowed to hoodwink and deceive their own kind, including those passing through, then arrangements like VFA (Visiting Forces Agreement) and EDCA (Enhanced Defense Capability Agreement) which would allow the entry and presence of highly trained in lethal arts of armed and unarmed combat should never have been entered into.

I repeat, if such a country is backward and socially diffident.  But I digress.  Only the unfit perish and they are but an exceptionally few and their number are oftentimes decimated not only by an effective law but brought about by a superior force.

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