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ALL my children, ten years from now, would have been grown up already.  I would definitely look my age, my biological age already—wintered complexion, stooping posture, bewildered look when confronted with a new gadget, easily to take a nap even during soiree, effortlessly dehydrated, given to impromptu irritation, almost impatient, automatically pontificating, so on and so forth.  By then, my peers would have similarly duplicated our physical attributes specifically on how we would look up-close.  Although I have seen a handful of them already looking more advanced than most of us.

We are actually in that interlude already conferred by nature as survivors.  After 60, every single second in time is considered a bonus. Age 60 is the new 40, it has been claimed.   It is something which has been deprived from many mortals who perished without reaching the period.  While most are assisted by pharmaceutical formula, we have nonetheless safely (or luckily) carried to the next level the genes of our ancestors who were likewise gifted with longevity.  Whether it is a curse or not, it definitely makes sense for those with keen minds, never mind the heart.  It is for the nonce some kind of destiny too.

There are just so much threats in this living and ailing world, from virus to violence, no one, even with excellent genealogical history at that, can virtually escape danger and death.  To reach a decade past the half century mark is already an accomplishment of sort.  And I have known and rubbed elbows with persons who are in their late 80s and even in their 90s.  Looking at them closely and assuming that I would likewise reach their age, I could not ascertain if I could still continue, on my own, with my scrupulous nature in sustaining hygienic discipline.  I might look like a worm by then!

For sure, despite failing eye sight, I would still read books.  There are just so many reading materials and so little time.  I don’t know if I could still write or could still maintain the discipline of the craft.  I think the books I have authored in the past could sustain my name for the next generation of readers, never mind if the succeeding ones would rather partake of the digital form of literacy.  By then, it would never be a concern since I am already forgotten anyway.

How I wish to be ambulant even if I reached a terribly long life.  I have an advantage over the immortals because one day after so much waiting and adventure, I would pass away—a gift which the undead are denied.

A decade from now could spring surprises in the field of health and medicine despite the ruling lunacy of world dominance by political nitwits.  Science has already overtaken the mystery of religion in terms of expanding life and its meanings.  It has changed its own configuration.  Technology is even more daring.  It has challenged and reformulated classic theories on physics and general knowledge.  Science and technology would eventually rule the world and save mankind, including me perhaps and those lucky enough to hang on, for another breath of life in the future.  A decade would just be a whiff and another decade after another would just be a breeze.  Barring the effects of conflicts, diseases and related social defects, life would still continue for those who have maintained their sanity in an otherwise insane environment.

And life goes on as if there is no end.


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  1. Decade from now I could vision you doing exactly what you love…the passion still burning and you will be sorrounded by beautiful ladies. Technology must have taken its course but your books and legacy lives on!


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