I am always at your side, well, spiritually. I may not be physically around most of the time but it pains me to see you in such a helpless situation. It deflects upon me as helpless too. I have to excuse myself if only to breathe. I have seen so much suffering in the past.  And to witness a loved one undergoing such an episode is like requesting an assault team to invade my turf. I could only express a prayerful sigh to give you strength of mind to overcome sadness and sorrow.   My only sister Doris whom you have seen during her struggling days may have given you an idea of how hurting it is to stay around while she was grimacing in tenderness. I could only whisper that someday I will join her in heaven.

You have likewise seen up close mother, Inang Juling and father, Amang Totoy. You are no longer a stranger to sickness that leads to bereavement. Your office mate and former superior in CSC went through the same painful stage also. And there were a number of our peers who passed through a similar path. We can only offer our prayers and our deep respect for them for giving us the privilege of becoming, once upon a time, a part of their lives.

We have reached the final stage of reckoning, the final chapter, the ending of a lifetime of accomplishment. It varies though. There are those relatively longer to reach finality, others a bit shorter. And we bow to the will of our Creator, ever willing to enter His gates once our performance has been completed. Life has been good and we are all lucky to have passed all challenges with flying colors. We may not have achieved so much, we may not have accumulated and earned a lot, we may not have attained higher goals but through it all, we have never been a burden to humanity and were very respectful to all creations.

In your case, you led a very peaceful and serene life. You never abused your body. You are a friend and a doting comrade, a responsible child to your elders, a conscientious parent to your children, an active player in your parish. Humanity must be proud of your presence.

But all of us must have to go; from dust unto dust, so to speak.   The greatest among Kings, the most powerful Emperors, the best and the brightest in mankind have come and gone; and the world has been greatly improved and developed with their existence. And nothing in this world is perpetual; no one is immortal, except the deeds that we have made, the acts that we have conveyed, the good things that we have conducted.

We have few differences and these were all mended always. We have never argued without agreeing eventually. We have never been at odds and always we find time to blend our minds and hearts, our ideas and thoughts, our plans with our acts.

We have embraced a career in government and our children were virtually oriented on ways of public service and sacrifice. We have spent our youth, our strength, even our time for each other running after the proverbial mandate of our respective agencies. We may not be on top, we may not be the appointed leader, we may not be the firebrand, but we are nonetheless a face of servitude for the welfare of our clientele.

At the end of the day, we pass on our shadow to a bigger silhouette which our children must create. They are after all the extension of that imprint we are leaving behind. They would carry on our names, our character, our standing and at times would suffer too from the errors we have committed. Yet they must continue from where we left or perhaps commence an act based on the very character we have moulded them to be.

That’s right, at the end of the day is another day waiting. And we surely will never miss a thing. Like our loved ones before us, we will all be residing in the hearts of those close and around us. We will be alive in their expression, in their very thoughts, in their very voices and manners.

Rejoice.   And let those lips be sealed with a smile.

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