“When someone you love becomes a memory, the memory becomes a treasure.”

YOU were all beside the family during bereavement, even during those dark times when a terminal verdict was handed down by the medics.  It was an excruciating period.  It was an epic marked with confusion and dilemma.  My immediate family were all in Heaven.  I am the only one left to fend for myself, orphaned and left to witness the events as it unfolds without parents and sibling.

I, along with my kids,  could only sigh and express relief having shared memories and moments with those whom our loved one cared and sacrificed for.

  1. Aiko and kids, Kraig and Kley (they were there at the break of dawn waiting for the casket bearing a loved one.)
  2. Michi and buddy Spocky, both lawyers and advocates (they were also there daily during the wake, ignoring fatigue in work, maintaining the strength of the family.)
  3. Hanako, youngest girl in the brood of my sister (she braved the metropolis, the congested streets of Binondo during the hospital watch and was there at the break of dawn on the wake even if her respiratory allergies bother her.)
  4. RJ, the youngest and only son of my sister, together with wife and newly born son (he would be at the wake even if he was in trouble in his career in the call center).
  5. Iday, my sister in law, sister side, together with her two children, outstanding professionals both (she was there joining the family attending to the needs of visitors during the wake). Her daughter’s beautiful voice would lend heavenly melody during the Mass.
  6. Cousin Cecil together with husband Earl and three children (one of them Aileen with a good voice). She would be at the wake almost daily, participating in prayers and upkeep of the chapel.
  7. Cousin Grace with beau and Gab, , who would lend her vehicle for whatever errands there is to make.
  8. Cousin Matet, who would also be a regular attendee during the wake.
  9. Cousin Joju, who would also be there at the wake, overseeing visitors.
  10. Atty Cyril Ramos, Deputy Ombudsman for MOLEO, who is a close friend and bridge during NDCP days. He would regularly visit the wake and would contribute groceries.  He was joined by his children.
  11. Civil Service Officers, personnel and staff
    1. Commissioner Valmonte who shared times with the departed, and as superior, he had nothing but praises for the outstanding work attitude shown during their days in office.
    2. Director Hena, who fainted after a brief prayer made. She was there almost daily during the wake.
    3. Director Salazar of NCR, who immediately travelled from Legaspi, Albay just to attend the necro services prior to the cremation rites. Her travelling bag was still with her as she hurried to attend the final rites.  She was also one of the first to visit the departed while she was confined in the hospital.
    4. Director Agnes Padilla, came in alone during the wake despite her disability in her movement.
    5. A number of Commissioners, Directors, Division chiefs, staffs and fellow employee whose names I could not recall but whose faces are very familiar. They were there in group, almost occupying the entire chapel.
  12. Religious group from the religious community of Decalced Carmelites. They number around 30, mostly elder women who were all ordained Carmelites and donning a brown nun uniform, the same dress the departed wore during her final rites.  They gave a religious rite prior to the celebration of the last Mass for the departed on the final day.
  13. Ritsu’s close friends were there including her mountain climbing group.
  14. Ritsu’s husband, Aaron, was almost a permanent fixture; including Ritsu’s in laws who assisted in serving visitors.  He barely had an hour’s sleep during the entire stretch of the wake.
  15. Babyruth’s friends were also there.   She would be comforted with their present standing in their respective jobs.
  16. Karlo’s confederates were also there.  They would lend an air of celebrity to the wake because of their modelling looks and projections.
  17. VJT’s close associates were also in attendance. There was Ong and wife; Yetbo and family; Mel and Dra. Merly, the medical director of JASMC where the departed virtually was maintained and attended to wholesomely.  There was also Edgar and wife, Romy, my driver, Tony Florido my former driver and confidant together with his youngest daughter, Patty.  There was also Ate Zen, my former mentor at Bucor during the early days in the prison service.  Arlene, my NBP secretary and Imelda Lapitan (with her brother) were also in attendance.  My RDC friends were there also, Randy and wife, Dra Cynthia Andrada and Vhot.  Ka sosing Berroya and son arrived too.  PG Allan Dimen, my security mainstay came with my service van also.  CIW Superintendent Rachel Ruelo with her staff before enplaning to an inspection tour dropped by in the dead of night just to pay respect.  Retired prison officer and now journeyman Manny de Guzman, erstwhile former leader of prison union, came in to offer condolences.
  18. Crown of Flowers were sent by:
    1. Congressman Anton Lagdameo, Davao representative
    2. TADECO
    3. Romeo dela Cueva (in charge of my transport services)
    4. Department of National Defense
    5. Neighbor Lagman
    6. Civil Service Commission Offices
    7. Office of the President CSC Field Office
  19. A hundred mass cards were also offered by a number of friends and fellow CSC officers.
  20. Lagro group:
    1. Jane and sister and Roy Asturias (ever dependable friend and overseer) were there.
    2. Neighor Cita was also there to comfort us.
    3. A number of neighbourhood religious friends were in attendance reminiscing days with the departed.
  21. Paete Group:  They came by a jeep-load from the province.
    1. Headed by Kang Jose, eldest in the Cagayat siblings, a bit weakened by ailments and slow turn out of orders in his furniture and carpentry business.
    2. Solly was there with daughter Sarah, apologetic why husband Henry could not make it since their vehicle could only accommodate so much.
    3. Marina and Efren (although the latter did not feel well because of high blood pressure.  Our bilas, Joe, had a spare maintenance medicine to stabilize the BP of Efren.).
    4. Sabel, husband Elbert and kids (they were constant visitors since Fely was confined up to the final rites.)
    5. Terry with husband Joe and kids (they were always there beside the family. Joe would be the indefatigable host for every visitor.
    6. Auring, husband Willy and kids (she fainted during the final Mass and would assume the task of holding on to family after the rites have been performed.)
    7. Vivian (was there at the hospital but has to leave for US). Mar, once visited but left due to a contract as OFW.
    8. Odet, the youngest was there too with Oliver’s widow.
    9. Francisco “Ismo” and another classmate of Fely during elementary days.  Ismo was once a suitor of Fely and up to the last minute was there paying respect.
    10. Amor and party, all school chums of Fely during student days.  Amor would animate us with their adventure and juvenile explorations.
  22. Carmelite group (Some 50 members of them), all middle-aged women who were sworn to adhere to a life of prayers. Fely was once an initiate and after retirement, has joined formally the cloister.
  23. There were more in attendance but which this writer could no longer record. All of them are as important and significant to the family.
  24. There are more which distance and belated information delayed their presence but their prayers made it on time.


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