When controversy explodes, those proximate to the blast are oftentimes sidelined.  That is the general picture.  On the other hand, if an officer in the organization is no longer playing as member of the team, he likewise gets the boot and sent to floating status.  It could also mean “placed on freezer,” or “benched”, or “frozen”, or “alienated.”  My career has experienced the high and low of such a situation.

For a high profile officer like me, it means a lot.

I will no longer be compelled to assume a highly stressful work.  It will be a relaxing period for contemplation.   I will no longer be stalked and held up somewhere.  My former responsibilities to my personnel and staff will have to grind to a halt.  I will no longer be seen as fountain of resources.

On the whole, I will be snubbed.  I will merely receive compliments while before there are grateful greetings.  Followers will meander in some places and those who were directly assisted will just coast along in some far away distance.  Where there is no power, there is likewise nothing to squeeze.

Power and influence are attractive attributes.  But when they are gone, it is like a withered flower without scent and useless.  At best, its utility is only expressed as book markers.

For those “floating” life suddenly becomes simple and less complicated.  There are no more invitations.  There is no more recognition.  There are no more reckoning anecdotes, no more quotable quotes, no more reference to greatness.   It is plain going back to basic.

But there are more advantages than disadvantages.  I will no longer be wanted for additional work.  I would even be seldom consulted.  For the life of me, time will be purely spent according to how I would spend it not as an offering to extend it to another.  I will be living according to my terms.  I can now  publish my works, fill up my journal, read a lot of books and embrace fine arts like never before.  More so, I can spend a sizeable period posting in Facebook, join tweeter, be active in cyberspace and send colors via instagram.  The world, the real one, will be my oyster!

On top of that, nobody would accuse me of dilly dallying.  My opponents and detractors will lose steam attacking a non-entity.  They would eventually fold up to look for other targets.  I will just be a part of the background, a simple decoration, a mere rag in the sea of carpets.

While the rest of the discontented world looks for someone to hate, my face would no longer matter to them.  I have been bashed and that is to them the end of a glorious advocacy.  Some people get their rewards witnessing the dissatisfaction of others.  Some find meaning in life by demeaning their neighbours.  Truly, rust, the closest in metal is the direct cause of its corrosion.

History is replete with example.  Lord Jesus preached love and was declared a rebel.  People were excited to see Him crucified.  He was forced even to declare that “no prophet is ever believed in his own country.”  Several years later, He will be worshipped by the Romans, the same force that brutalized Him to death.  What He had proclaimed in his ministry would even be made the cradle of faith in Rome!

Jose Rizal mirrored in his novels the injustices prevailing in his country and led the struggle to uplift his fellowmen.  Those who shot him in Luneta however were his fellowmen too.  Now, years later, he would be declared as national hero.  For some, probably descendants of those who shot him, would consider him even as a god!

I won’t go that far for me to envision myself as someone which history will take pains to vindicate.  For me to be blamed, whose explanations were largely ignored, and subsequently relieved, is just a minor concern compared with the sufferings great men in the past underwent.

Had the Lord or Rizal been floated before, civilization would have been deprived of its cleansing process.

I welcome therefore the fact that I was just floated.

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A perpetual student of Corrections

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  1. Well no matter what has happened I KNOW YOU AS good and honest man
    maybe its time to exercise your wonderful talents


  2. thanks Chris, I have served the incarcerated humanity the best I can. You are right, its time to serve the muses of arts instead.


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