“There is a bug in my soup!”  cried the old man.  “Its a fly!” said another looking closely at the bowl of simmering noodles.  “It’s a full grown mosquito!”  reacted the one in front of the senior citizen.  “It’s a new born cockroach!”It’s a beetle!” “It’s a dirt!”  chorused those nearby.

Well, none of them was correct.  It was a black bug and its food does not include soups.  It probably landed there from the precipice of the old man’s hat.  Well, it looks like a fly because of the size.  Probably somewhat like that of a mosquito too after rigging the arms of a sleepy neighbour.  And the folded wings are that of a cockroach except that it moves around at night attracted to light, something cockroaches are never fond of.  It was more of a beetle but it has a disturbing scent once you scare it, a quality which beetles do not posses.  Beetles delight in pooh but these ones are quite decent.  It looked dirty but on closer look it is only their dark colour but it’s clean.

These black bugs converge in a group.  They are just  a millimetre in size and not too frightening.  But because they assemble in hundreds, they look mean and threatening.  They come in droves, flying and settling in one particular lighted spot during nightfall.  They never bite at all.  They just fly and settle.  They fly by the hundreds and land on a spot all at the same time.  Because of their number, no one not even a human being is a match even if said specie has a broom and a pail of water as defence.  The assembly would just be staring the predator in the eye and they would just crawl about loafing around innocently.  Anyone without a conscience would just swat these shy looking crawlers even if they mean no harm at all.

The beauty of scholarship, whenever bugs like these would appear, tickles the mind whenever something interesting appears.   There is always the Google to look up to.  Before, one must be a scientist, an insect specialist to conduct a research.  Not anymore.  One can just click the internet for answers.  And so, there I was, bothered by these creepy beings while I was trying to concentrate in finishing the first book I would have completed for the new year.  Instantly, an answer popped out after I searched the insect’s classification.  The problem however is that there is nothing in the catalogue of insects that is near its looks.  Worst, the most insect categories are found in North America and here I am in Southern Philippines.

For two consecutive nights, the crawlers were there in their menacing yet subdued presence.  They were just perched in batches.  If at all they are vegetarians, they would have been munching the leaves of my ornamental plants across my body building arsenal.  But no.  They were simply moving around my bench press as if trying to figure out how to use it!

The next day, quite at ease with the presence of these small SWAT look alike figures, I thought of capturing one to take a closer look.  But lo and behold!  They were all gone!

Questions cropped up in my mind.  Were these creatures operating with a leader like prison gangs?  Or, were they simply moving around like a mob?  These crawlers fascinated me a lot.  They were united, uncomplaining, very silent and were never bothersome since they were there in one unoccupied spot at night time.  Scouring the area where I last saw them, looking for evidence of their tendencies and effects of their behaviour, I found one bug lying about.  It’s dead but no ant would dare go near.

I could only put some guess works to provide an answer why these black bugs converged in my fitness bay for two nights.  They probably were having a WAKE!


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