blame game

Backward societies are socially accustomed to blaming.  They blame everything on everything as a matter of course and as coping mechanism to survive.  They resort to blaming as a way of life.  Hence, they are preoccupied with something like  looking at the stars, inventing icons, defining its opposites and would cast their blame on them.  It is not laziness or incompetence that matters for anything done with sloppiness; the poor performance is always blamed on anyone but on oneself.

Contrast this with developed societies which never blame anyone but progressively would address every challenging incident through science.

In slum areas, everybody blames their woes and predicament to something higher than them.   It could be a faulty way of praying, that is falling short from a novena or probably some curses met along the way.  On the whole, the poor at times would lay the blame on the door step of the rich.  Accordingly, there were victims of exploitation and would quote biblical passages to assuage their feeling that “there will be poor always in the lot.”   In a homogenous setting like the prison community, everyone would point out at the lower base in the organization as the culprit whenever something goes wrong.  And there are volunteers to accept this situation.  These are sociological symptoms which on a personal scale would indicate an attribute of betrayal and untoward sacrifice.

Blaming the fault on others indicate also a psychological predisposition towards cowardice. “Not me but them” is a usual expression.   It is a mark of immaturity and at times viewed as a character defect.  Undisciplined groups are mostly governed by this type of persons.  They are not keen on factors but rather on those around them.  Besides, it is effortless and more convenient to lay the culpability on something than pursue a studied posture on examining a complex situation.  It is easier to point a finger at something rather than contemplate.

Sensationalism by some exclusive sectors like media fans the flame of blaming in an instant.  Unfortunate it is for those who are virtually suspected.

The Pharaoh blamed Moses for their hardships.  Jesus was blamed promoting love as the Son of God which eventually led to His crucifixion.  Hitler blamed the Jews for Germanic woes and it amounted to the infamous holocaust.  Spanish friars blamed the propaganda movement and sent Rizal to Luneta for execution.  History is replete with blame game.  And the world got stunted by it.

Later in history however, in disciplined and progressive areas, seldom one hears of blaming.  If at all there are some blunders that went off somewhere, those nearest would come out to admit and share the dishonour.  And there is resignation or self immolation that follows and ways are eventually mended. Errors corrected, flaws are remedied and progress follows.

There are still residual incarnations of blame game, not because people or institutions are blameworthy but precisely because nobody wants to walk a mile to ascertain the truth.  There are still remnants of those who subscribe to blaming as their mantle of existence.  But science has an ally in technology proceeding towards its erasure in the face of humanity.

Meanwhile, in places where blame is still intrinsic, there is patience and understanding that should be maintained.

That is the reason why the Lord taught us to pray “Forgive those who trespass against us and lead us not to the temptation (of equally blaming others) but deliver us from evil.”


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