40 days

The wife left weeks ago and church-cultural beliefs say that the spirit of the departed still roams the earth for 40 days.  The idea may have come from Biblical tradition on the numerical period and symbolic importance of 40.

It has been noted that number 40 is mentioned 146 times in the Bible and it generally denotes a period of testing, trial or probation.  It also represents a generation of man.  Furthermore, it has been said that the Bible was written by 40 different people and the most remembered is the claim that Jesus appeared to his disciples and others for 40 days after his resurrection from the dead.

Having understood such consideration and riding on the crest of the same belief, I decided to call my three kids for a family conference.  I wrote down an inventory of all the assets accumulated during the period of our cohabitation and inquired also from the children if they knew of any liability which must have to be settled.  Having cleared every angle, I directed that all properties which were produced during the married regime will have to be distributed and divided among them.

I instructed that once transferred, the properties will be under their respective and direct management already.   “In the event you encounter difficulties in the process, decide on what is necessary and appropriate.  Feel free to consult me if you needed assistance.  If possible add more to the properties if you can.  Sell it if in your estimation you needed it in another form.”  I implored.

I declared to the kids that I have no monopoly of time and sooner or later, my mind would just falter and just the same, the children will have to make certain decisions without my active participation anymore.  Hence,  the arrangement.

In the past, there never was an occasion where my ancestors, even my parents for that matter, would discuss property matters.  Not that they had nothing, as a matter of fact, they had so much but they believed that apportioning it may hasten their departure.  As a consequence, as soon as they left the scene, the heirs were all dumbfounded on what to do and decide.  Those left behind would even encounter one technical problem after another.  Worst, unable to take an upper hand, the properties would just go down into the abyss of neglect if not a subject of unfortunate speculation.

I emphasized to the kids for clarity sake that only those properties which were produced during the incumbency of marriage were subject to disposition and division.  The industry and sacrifice we poured into our union produced enough savings in the bank, a subdivision property in Caloocan City, 2 lots in the province and a parcel of farm land in a provincial mountain top, including survivorship in pension and related insurance benefits.  These are subject for division and designation for ownership of the children.

I reminded my children that the properties of my parents will stay as it were, undivided and devoted only to my parents and their memories.  It will never be negotiated or transacted except for usufruct purposes only.

I further declared that only loans and credits or any liability left by their mother will be left for me to deal with and only those that are cleared or properly registered and paid for will be for the children to enjoy and subject for their individual disposition.

In my contemplation, I think that it was the best thing I could do within the period of 40 days after the wife has gone to life hereafter.

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