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From the standpoint of the universe, there is no such thing as death.  Everywhere there is life.  Whether it is minute or gargantuan, whether it is a particle or galactic, it is life in its infinite formation.  What has been referred to as death is merely a stage, even that which has been said of birth.  Life is everything that animates and that which is composed in every place from a smallest microbial pit to the entire cosmos.

What has been understood as life is consciousness however.  Man and every living creature have it  for that matter.  It is consciousness which makes a living matter survive and evolve at a glance.  And just the same, consciousness is nothing but an element which is a mere quality but never a significant part of existence.   It is a major component of life though and it by itself has limitations but expresses no end.  As a matter of fact, everything in the universe is eternal has no conclusion.  It is never bound by anything.

Time and everything are but minor concerns and those which have been considered as natural laws were merely labels defined by Man to provide parameters in his quest to understand everything in his environment.  But that environment is still restricted in scope, that is, up to where his mind could reach only.  That is the miracle, some kind of a mystery,  a phenomenon which can never be determined even by the most advanced technology known to mankind.  Even Professor Stephen Hawking, a genius of a scientist could only define a glimpse of the scientific truth.

From the time life evolved as we understood it to be in this part of the universe, nothing was left to accident or chance.  Everything is shaped according to how it should be.  Billions of years on earth may only be a millisecond compared with the period flashed on the galaxy.

Even for a while if Jupiter, the biggest planet in the solar system would be weighed against that of the third smallest, the earth, the match is almost incomparably be immeasurable.  But there it is, Jupiter contributes to a designed fixture which earth needs to fulfil its role.  Jupiter serves as a shelter to various threatening comets that might have ruined what is believed as life on earth.

In contrast, the universe of, say, the ants may seem different from that of Man.   Or, from that of vegetation.  Viewed on the most powerful microscope, the smallest particle would look almost similar to that of the entire galaxy.   The smallest, that which would never even be seen in naked eye correspond neatly to that of the grandest in the heavens.  From this equation, there is life in between the invisible and the largely visible; hence there is life everywhere without death at all.

Man should rejoice at the thought that he has never left at all and that he merely continued life as it started somewhere before and would last as long as it should be in a perpetual motion.  Life not elsewhere as contemplated in some life hereafter configuration but on the ground within the universe itself.

Man, like everything everywhere, continues to live forever!

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