MAYWEATHER vs PACQUIAO: A round by round coverage

mayweather vs mp

With both boxers called into the square and the referee introduced, the so called Fight of the Century has begun.    Three major boxing belts are at stake, WBO, WBC and WBA.  It goes without saying the prestigious Pound for Pound crown too.

It is May 2, 2015, a Saturday.  The main event:  Mayweather the early favourite with no loss in his 47 fight card and Pacquiao, the acknowledged people’s champ with 57 wins and 5 losses trailing as secondary favourite and also the toast of the gambling world.  The moment has come.   The bell rings for round one.

ROUND ONE:  Mayweather walks into the middle of the ring with Pacquaio approaching, both legs moving and arms jabbing.  Both fighters are trying to figure out the angles.  Mayweather gives a doting jab, he has the longer arm.  Pacquiao ducks and gives a one-two blow.  The audience is agitated; shouts are heard from both corners.  There is a clear partisan divide.  Both fighters make a margin in between trying to size each other up.  Pacquiao tries to move forward with punches then side steps.  Mayweather retreats and makes a shoulder roll.  Mayweather  tries to attack Pacquaio with a sudden right jab.  The jab hits home.  Pacquiao felt the blow.  Pacquaio repays the blow with successive blows, each blow hurts Mayweather.  Mayweather retreats and positions himself in the middle.  Pacquaio aiming for the body, side steps and jabs.  Mayweather carefully watches Pacquaio and jabs to keep his opponent from a distance.  The pugilists want to showcase a clinic but they have as yet to collide.  Both Mayweather and Pacquiao want to wear each other down by constant moving.  Mayweather backtracks then jab, Pacquiao moves forward then sidesteps.  Round One goes to Pacquiao.

Instant replay:  Pacquiao’s volume punch is showcased in slow motion.

ROUND TWO:  As soon as the bell rings, both fighters immediately move into the center of the ring.  Referee backpedals and the two boxers engage on a one-on-one jabbing.  Pacquiao’s jab is intended to hit the side of Mayweather.  Mayweather’s jab is aimed at Pacquiao’s jaw.  There is an exchange of jabs and uppercuts, Mayweather is targeting Pacquiao’s head, Pacquiao is aiming at the belly of Mayweather.  The exchanges make both fighters entangled for a while, the referee steps in and both retreated to size up again each other.  Referee gestures to both fighters to engage once again.  Mayweather retreats and backpedals to lure Pacquiao to move forward.  Pacquiao approaches Mayweather on the side.  Mayweather attempts a straight punch which landed on Pacquiao’s  eye brow.  Pacquiao was stunned but becomes aggressive.  Pacquiao heads towards Mayweather for another one-on-one but Mayweather dances away and eludes confrontation.  Pacquiao trails Mayweather, Mayweather dances away.  Round Two goes to Mayweather.

Instant Replay:  Mayweather punches Pacquiao on the eyebrow, perspiration exploded away in slow high definition motion.

ROUND THREE:  The bell rings and both fighters engage immediately.  Pacquiao extends his right arm straight to the face of Mayweather, Mayweather gives a two successive puches which hit Pacquaio’s globes.  Pacquiao gives four successive blows and another at the body of Mayweather.  Mayweather smiles and punches back with the left.  Mayweather’s right hand encircles to ready another punch.  Pacquiao counters it with successive blows to the head and body.  Mayweather dances to his corner and faces Pacquiao sideways.  Pacquiao sidesteps but was hit by a wild blow.  Pacquiao tries to recover by engaging Mayweather to another one-on-one but Mayweather opts to dance away.  Round three goes to Mayweather.

Instant Replay:  Mayweather sidesteps to punch Pacquiao in slow motion.

ROUND FOUR:  Both fighters square in the middle, Mayweather on his side, Pacquiao sidesteps.  Pacquiao swings a blow to the body hitting Mayweather.  Mayweather gives a left hook but misses, a right hook this time connects.  It glazes the eyebrows of Pacquiao but Pacquiao easily recovers and mounts a flurry of several punches to Mayweather’s face.  Mayweather retreats, Pacquaio senses weakness on Mayweather’s knees, tiptoes for the jugular.  Pacquaio backpedals to check whether Mayweather is just feighning a la Marquez, dances to the sides and moves forward then dances backwards.  Mayweather moves forward and engages Pacquaio on another one-on-one, Pacquaio gives a flurry of punches each hitting Mayweather’s face and body,  Mayweather thereafter retreats by dancing away towards the corner for some breathing spell.  Pacquiao is aggressive tries to cut corner but Mayweather slips through and dances away.    Round four goes to Pacquaio.

Instant Replay:  Pacquiao gives Mayweather a flurry of punches which Mayweather could not shield in slow motion.

ROUND FIVE:    Pacquiao’s face has signs of bruises on the eyebrows and left eye, Mayweather’s cheeks are already fluffy, the right eye bulging to a slit.  Clearly both fighters have given punches that really matters.  Pacquaio weaves in and hits Mayweather’s body.  Mayweather issues a blind punch and hit the head of Pacquaio.  Both fighters engage in a tit-for-tat punching.  Pacquiao weaves to the right, Mayweather is disoriented but finds his target, makes a shoulder roll and is hit below his rib cage.  Pacquaio relently gives a flurry of punches but Mayweather further backpedals to evade being hit.  Mayweather springs back to give a right and left hook, each finding its mark but is met with equal ferocity in the flurry of punches Pacquiao is dishing out.  Blood is oozing from the nose of Mayweather and on the cheek of Pacquiao.  Both fighters are bleeding and become ferocious for the kill.  Pacquaio proves to be more aggressive, Mayweather weaves in and out and jabs a one-two combination.  Both fighters have found the range.  Both fighters receiving equal hit.  The round is a tie.

Instant Replay:  Pacquaio dishing out a flurry of punches.  Mayweather hitting Pacquaio with a right hook.  Shown in slow motion.




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