I could not believe when my precocious neighbor said that a 45 day old chicken is more accomplished than a 27,375 day old man!  Well, I was not actually surprised.  I was stunned!

I immediately got hold of my decade old calculator and began a mathematical exploration on man’s lifespan.

For this purpose, let us presume that man is given a period of 75 years as his average timeline.  Translated into hours, it means that man has to consume (75 (years)  divided by 12 months = 900 (months) x 30 (days) = 27,000 (days) x 24 (hours) = 648,000 hours.  Yes, that is right, 648,000 hours.  Now, let us do some subtractions and divisions along the way.  Let us deduct the time he spent sleeping, eating, relaxing,  the so called unproductive period.

Average period a person ideally spends in sleeping: 8 (hours a day) x 30 ( days amonth) = 240 months x  12 months = 2,880 (days) x 75 years = 216,000 hours.

Average period a person normally spends in eating:  1 (hour per meal) or 3 (hours a day) x 30 months = 90 (months) x 12 (months a year) = 1,080 (months) x 75 (years) = 81,000 hours.

Average period a person spends in relaxation: 2 (hours per stretch) or 6 (hours a day) x x 30 (days a month) = 90 (months) x 12 (months a year) =  720 (months) x 75 (years) = 54,000 hours.

All in all, a person normally consumes an approximate total of 351,000 hours sleeping, eating and relaxing during his lifespan.  If we will deduct this period from the total hours he is given (648,000 – 351,000), he has a balance of 297,000 hours to consume actively.  Translated into years (297,000 hours divided by 30 (days) = 4,120 (months)  divided by 12 (months) = 34.375 years.  It means that a person during his lifespan has an active 34 years to spend inhabiting the sentient world around.

Let us go further.  Let us presume that a person enters school at 5 years old and graduates at around 20 years old.  That easily translates into a 15 year education stretch.  Let us assume that a person spends an average of 7 hours per day in school ( 7 (days) x 365 (days a year) = 2,555 (days) x 15 (years of schooling) = 38,325 (hours spent) divided by 24 (hours per day) = 1,596 (days)  divided by 365 (days a year) = 4.37 (years).

Now let us subtract 4 years (of schooling) from his 34 years, it would easily yield us 30.  The lifespan of 75 therefore has a quality 30 year period, an expansive window so to speak,  to apply in appreciating everything the world could offer—from family ties, to accomplishing something , from travelling to serving, from fighting to loving.  Lose it then the chicken has everything to crow about.

This 30 year period, I suspect, is the same timeline the law applies when appreciating a penalty of Life Imprisonment to mean 30 years.

Moral lesson:  Be a law abiding citizen therefore.

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