Have you ever been deceived or bashed?  Treacherously treated?  Cheated even?  Were you bullied and taken for granted?  Have you been ignored, uncared for or maltreated?  Were you deserted by your friends and those you hold dear became disloyal to you?   Were you envied and continuously made a slave to jealousy?  Were you fooled most of the time and felt that the world is conspiring to bring you down?  Note that these are but trivialities, or in plain language, inanities.

Dismiss it.  You were born to be yourself and not a specimen of anything.

Better, forget all those that were thrown at you.   At best, look at your situation from a different perspective.   Those matters you felt you were subjected are all but nuisance no matter how grand you perceive them to be.  You will just be weakened by it.

Place yourself therefore at the centre of the universe.  Never mind your environment for a while. But don’t be selfish, just be yourself:  generous, thoughtful and unaffected.  Push irritating thoughts out from your consciousness and begin to reinvent your mind to accommodate only what in your perception is enjoyable.

Let us have a term for every enjoyable moment.  Now, take time and focus on the following simple acts:

  1. Eating (even if it is just a snack size for your meal)
  2. Travelling (even if its just a walk in the corner of your neighbourhood)
  3. Bantering (even if its just a simple street corner soiree, or break time gathering )
  4. Reading (if you have a penchant for literature)
  5. Writing (if you have not lost yet your desire for diary keeping; this may also mean posting in your favourite cyberspace site)
  6. Gardening (if you have a space)
  7. Watching movies (even on DVD)
  8. Sleeping (if there is any chance to take a nap anywhere)
  9. Tinkering a hobby (anything that brings about concentration, it could be arts or sports)
  10. Praying (just be thankful for everything)

If there is a recipe that could be made to make man fully aware of himself, it is never found on anything dictated from elsewhere.  It can only be found within the inner self of a person.

The list above can be expanded to include others depending on the person.  But I tell you this, if any of the above enumeration is not enjoyable, try to disturb a person while he is doing it and you get a hell of a frown or some unfortunate reaction.

Annoy him while eating, impede him while travelling, interrupt him while bantering, hide the book he is reading, lose the pen he is using, ruin his garden, conceal his  DVD player, shout while he is sleeping, bother him while tinkering or make a scandal while he is praying.  I tell you that the agitated person is capable on calling all the demons to get back at you!

One can only live once and there is no encore.  Disregard trivialities or benefit from them if possible but don’t forget to take pleasure in everything there is.



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