That is my favourite expression.  It may be crude, a bit tribal but come to think about it, a person would do just about  anything if it would please him.  Normally, anyone will never do anything that will hurt him unless the person subscribes to idiocy as a way of life.  I would presume that no person would even dream of becoming one like that.  And so, we all act and do in a manner that we like best.

Sometime ago, my son visited me in my office and in return, took him out to the nearest mall for coffee.  On our way, we had this scene.

I was driving along a traffic infested road together with my son when we were stranded by a defective stop light.    A lot of vehicles and freight trucks ground to a halt  .Suddenly an old man appeared beside our car.  I waved my hands indicating that I am not interested.  Thereafter, I flashed a question to my son, “Have you noticed the old man whom I dismissed, the one who approached us?”

“Yes, I saw him.”   my son responded.

“What is your impression?”  I asked.

“Well, firstly, you tried to ignore him.  Secondly, you looked peeved.  And thirdly, your heart is a stone.” my son offered.  Then he gave me a malicious wink.

I explained to him, “Actually, I appreciated his appearance.  You see, he was about my age.  Secondly, I was intrigued because he was sad when he should not be.  Thirdly, these thoughts came out.  Your see, when I was struggling hard to get my education, the fellow must have been out of school enjoying life to the fullest, running around and conducting every mischief everywhere.  Later in life, finding no fortune for being unskilled and uneducated, having struggled to keep his skin and bones together, he would beg for mercy.  That he liked and even had his time to be better but chose to be happily unschooled.  He should be approaching me with a smile instead because he had it coming.  I am too old to be fooled by such pretensions.”

“He must have encountered difficulties, a series of unlucky events, bad lucks, bad calls, you know, everyone once in a while are in shit and shit happens all the time.”  My son reasoned out.

You are correct there my son.  That is why one must study, must go to school, no matter how humble and miserable one is.  Only education would make one strong in the face of all challenges and bad lucks.  Education teaches values not necessarily academic skills.  It is also in school where one would meet friends who would become prosperous later and whom he could tap if the going gets tough.  In school, he encounters lessons in order to learn.  In the street, he learns first and it served as a lesson.  So it’s more expensive to get a lesson in the street.  One must realize that it is more tiresome and costly on the street than entering a school.”

“So, everything I do, I must be happy therefore.  What if an accident happens not to my liking or something takes place but I have no control?

“Education prepares a person for any eventuality.  If you have studied automotive and your car broke down, you know already what to do.  Without education, you are at the bottom of the food chain.  Without education, you are at the mercy of the elements.  What separates a happy person and the sad one is education.”

“So I should not ignore the call of the academe.”

“But of course my dear child, so that when confronted with a choice, you already know what to do.  You gain the proper training.  And if through daring you wanted to do something out of the loop, you are also prepared on how to conduct yourself.  You will be aware that if you choose the extreme, you know the effect would be extreme also.  And the beauty there is that if you will be trapped, you know how to wiggle out.”

“Thanks Pa,  I thought you have a heart of stone.”

“Well, actually, education turned me into a rock!”

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