health is wealth

For those in search of wealth and power, listen to this.  “Health is wealth; Knowledge is power.”

Health is within reach if you are physically fit, if you are outdoor bound, adventurous and cautious of your diet.  You simply eat when hungry and never eat to be full.

On the other side, knowledge is secured this way:   when your mood requires you to contemplate, just stay indoor and read books.  That way, once informed and grounded on facts, your reflex is more on thinking.  As you gain insight, you become reasonable and meditative, signs of being powerful already.

One need not be a King to be wealthy and powerful.  One needs an open air and a book to feel like one.  Of course, there is a need for prayers in between.

When I was a kid, I asked my father if we are wealthy.  My father smiled and said “ Yes, my dear child, we really are.”    But I protested, “If we are wealthy how come you never buy me a bike.”

“Come with me and I will show you what wealthy means.” My father patiently said.

We dressed up and went to the hospital.  We went to the top floor and there, the most modern medical facility unfolded.  I was awed at the sight of various gadgets, the apparatus, the lighting, the works.  And then, father took my fledging arms and peeped at the adjoining door where a patient lay unconscious.  My father read the name at the door and said, “My son, the patient over there is the owner of this hospital.”

“Ohhh.  He owns this place? Looks like he must be terribly sick too!”  I answered.

“Now, who do you think is better, the man in that room or me?”

I held myself from laughing because my father was hale and healthy at that time.  There was no point of comparison.  “Of course father, you are better!”

“Everyone strives to be rich, to be wealthy someday.  But the struggle need not be that stressful.  If one is healthy, that is the way to achieve wealth, the wholesome feeling and to be in good shape. You see my son, health is wealth.”  said father.

I was never athletic but I indulge in sports to remain healthy.  My father was correct, health is wealth.  Since then, decades later up until I reached my senior years, I have never been hospitalized yet for any sickness.  I have remained, well, “wealthy” to borrow my father’s understanding.

And it goes through as far as power is concerned.  One need not be a leader of an army or a firebrand of a community to be authoritative.  Becoming knowledgeable is already becoming powerful.  And there is even no struggle on this concern today unlike in the past.  One merely clicks Google and he gets knowledge instantly.  Power is just a visit in the internet cafe.

My mother used to counsel me whenever she would notice that I was feeling low, “My son, if you think that you are limited in your view of things, look at the horizon to appreciate its vastness.  If you cannot move any further, get a book and read it.  Remember if you are a book ahead of anyone, you are greater and more powerful than him.”

Her words never left me.  I read three books a week for almost five decades.  My library where my books are is even threatening to evict me from my personal space in my house!  Nonetheless, I feel powerful than anyone else.  But as I gain knowledge, I could feel the truth in the popular saying, “Ears of rice bow deeply as they ripen.”  The more I gain knowledge therefore, the more humble I become.

The more I wanted to retreat.  And it is the way to achieve happiness, more so if one is healthy and prayerful.


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