“Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.”



Quality of life is measured from the way a person works.  He works less, he receives little compensation.  He works greater, he receives better pay.  Or, if the person is in commerce, the more he performs and thinks, the better for him, he earns bigger.  Such is the equation in any situation.  Work is equal to living.  No work, no pay.  No money, no honey.

For those who succeeded in life, that is, has earned and saved so much, it meant not only working but working hard.  For a prosperous few, life is pure hard work.  But only a few would rather preoccupy themselves with this thought.  Ordinarily, the perception is skewed for the majority.  Accordingly, life is to be enjoyed, more adventure, less work; more relaxation, less stress; notwithstanding debts and taxes.

Of course, it depends on the interest.  One plays basketball as a game, another plays it for pay.  The professional hoopster enjoys his work, it is his adventure, it is for him a form of relaxation and on top of that he earns more!  Work along this line is more fulfilling, more pleasurable and more revenues.  It is in the interest a person endows on what he does that spells the difference.

Work therefore is an expression of intent.  The more a person offers to it, the better for him and his craft, the better the remuneration too.  When that happens, the better for his quality of life too.  It is only when there is a major shift that things would turn out unfortunate for him.  Only accident, crime and yes, disinterest that would make him sullen and miserable.

And work is not limited to what his environment would offer.  It is rather what he can do that makes the difference.  Opportunities are never prayed for, it is created.  Opportunities are never expected, it is made.  Opportunities are never offered, it is sought.  Work is not demanded, it is to be conducted.  Opportunities are not for opportunists, it is only there for those ready to grab it.

A worker easily tires if his interest lies elsewhere.  He tires greater when he finds no inspiration in what he is performing.  He is easily distracted and his concentration goes haywire.  This is where accidents happen, this is where crime becomes imminent.  Work for this person becomes a baggage, an obstacle in engaging the fulfilment of his being.  As a consequence, he becomes despondent, he becomes lazy, he becomes a face of misery.  He would virtually evade everything.

And this is where government comes in.  Government requires a worker to contribute to Social Security.  The more contribution the better.  The problem however with “more” is that the worker’s  take home pay is reduced.  He would rather contribute little or evade as much as possible.  If government is lenient, then for a while the worker enjoys his here-and-now.  Once he retires, that is the time when, with little contribution, he eventually lives a marginal existence.  Instead of enjoying a second wind, he becomes desperate.  This is a period when he realizes that work was meant for his pleasure and not a preface for his extinction.  And here is a time when one can see a Jurassic figure engaging the gods of fortune to beckon once again on his fledging anatomy.  And when this happens, it is as if he never worked at all.

Hence, love your work, whatever it is.  And save.

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