fight of the century

A friend of mine sent me a text message with lamentation, “I lost my P100 bet!” Another propelled me a message through facebook chat “Mayweather merely hugged and ran around the ring, then won!” There was even a political comment “Don’t tell me that you will blame President Aquino on what happened in MGM!” And this came in late but I hate it. Accordingly, since Mayweather used the bout to embrace repeatedly Pacquaio, he should be “GAYweather!”

The Mayweather vs Pacquaio boxing showdown could have gone done in history as it was hyped as “the fight of the century.” Well, it never was. It was supposed to be a fight between two fighters known for their pugilistic wizardly in their prime. Past their athletic period, they were mere shadows of their former selves. Nonetheless, there was still time to be reckoned if only for a face-off to be organized and it would sell just the same. And it sold quite well. It even exceeded expectations when tickets sold out a few minutes after it was issued at the tills.

The fight could have been a test of endurance and style, the tactical boxer versus the volume puncher, the boring pugilist and the aggressive one, between a cautious fighter against a reckless one. The elements. The works. The projections. It was indeed, the fight that is, destined to whet the appetite of humanity for a fair game.

And the day, May 2, 2015, lived up to the hype. There were basketball greats Michael Jordan and Karl Malone breezing through. There was Hollywood great Clint Eastwood walking through despite age. There were glitters of entertainment world with Michael Keaton (the first to revive Batman), Mark Wahlberg, Beyonce, Silvester Stallone, etc. Boxing greats Evander Holyfield, Mike Tyson, Bernard Hopkins, Sugar Ray Leonard, etc. A number of politicians and businessmen were also spotted in ringside. The world through HBO and Pay-Per-View combined enticed everyone to watch. Truly, the event was something of a gargantuan show.

When the bell rang, hell did not break loose. It was more of a romantic flick that unfolded with Mayweather displaying Shakespearian embrace and Olympic style prowess in track and field.   Pacquaio was left fending for himself to project what boxing meant to the world. Even referee Bayless felt embarrassed forcing Mayweather from his expressive hug on his opponent.

At the end of the day, those at the compubox won having been given their bonus for tapping additional punches and even counting the number of cuddles Mayweather gave as points. Even judges forsook their listing system knowing that Pacquaio will never relent since he had a lot of pastors singing their halleluiahs in his favor already. It was big business for everyone, from ticket sellers to the promotional outfit. Who cares if there were lapses in adjudicating, it is not the world of fairness which is out there, it is crass commercialism.

Pacquiao on his own can still stimulate the tills no matter how poor officiating of his fights would be. But for Mayweather, it is everything where money can be squeezed. That is how capitalism works. Las Vegas is no Vatican, it is the capital of gambling planet. Where the mullah is, one can find one’s gods.

I heard it the first time, when Michael Buffer shouted at the onset of the fight, he yelled “Let’s get ready to TUMBLE!” And so the story goes.

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