Admittedly, history is not actually about a series of events but how a particular person fitted in the event or to a certain extent, how the person made an event.

When Mohammad Ali ruled the heavy weight division in boxing, the sweet science was the most exciting sports event in the planet. It gave boxing a significant background in the history of sports. When Ali retired, boxing slid down in the consciousness of sports aficionado until the personalities of Pacquiao and Mayweather revived it.

Add crass commercialism and digital technology, every corner of the universe is gripped with excitement.

And there was Michael Jordan of NBA, the biggest caging event in the universe. He ruled the world of basketball for a decade and basketball not only became a favorite game, it nearly became a religion!

In the music industry, the Beatles virtually held the world’s emotional attention with its melodic rendition of pop music, a genre that was held by Bach, Mozart and Beethoven with a limited audience in the past.

Every field of study or in every science for that matter, it is their respective personalities that govern specific significance of their role in the consciousness of humanity. Without these personas, there is no state of awareness generated.

In science and technology we have Albert Einstein, Steve Jobs, Billy Gates etc.

In politics, there was John F. Kennedy in USA. In France, there was Napoleon. In Russia, there was Vladimir Lenin. In Red China, Mao Zedong, in Germany there was Adolf Hitler, in Britain there was Winston Churchill. We have also Asia’s Mahathir, Cory Aquino and Lee Kwan Yu.

In classic arts, there was Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, Rembrandt. In fashion there was Yves St. Laurent, Coco Chanel, Versace, Christian Dior….

In Philosophy, there was Socrates, Aristotle, Schopenhauer, Karl Marx, Hegel, etc.

In literature, there was Shakespeare, Kipling, Miguel de Cervantes, Dan Brown, Paul Coehlo, etc. In the Philippines, we have Nick Joaquin (Quijano de Manila), F. Sionil Jose, Jose Garcia Villa, Jose Rizal etc.

In crime, there was Mafia’s Al Capone and Jack the Ripper, they did not only make fun of law enforcement during their time but their stories even won the Oscars when it was made into a film. In the local law-breaking scene, there was Baby Ama, Nardong Putik, Ben Tumbling to name a few.

I just hope that in the local prison setting, my personality had in a way contributed to some kind of a positive event even if only in a parochial sense. Although I fear that my character might end up in the romance department!

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