dried fish

Americans and that includes local young executives would prefer pancakes or buttered bread and bacon for breakfast, well, anytime in the morning. Add brewed coffee if you may. And there are also Korean and Japanese treats for the early risers.

I tried to order for breakfast an oriental banquet “shabu-shabu” and I was completely overwhelmed by the multitude of condiments surrounding the meal. I barely touched the main spread and opted to ask the waiter to wrap for take-home what was left untouched. And I tell you, as I left the resto, I had the feeling that I went to buy from the grocery my whole week supply. I had almost three plastic bags full of food!

I had a full meal; my stomach was already bursting but of course to the detriment of my anaemic wallet!

The Chinese and the audacious Vietnamese have noodles with simmering soup to greet their day. Thai and Indian meals are lucrative in their curry and mouth punishing sharp taste as a result of too much pepper.

But for me, and this I only appreciated just lately although it has been a family fare for quite sometime, garlic rice and dried fish are a wholesome treat. Add tomatoes, a sprinkling of pork fat, a dash of 3 in 1 coffee overlay, a pinch of salt and egg, sunny side up, my morning has greeted my day as complete already! And I am not alone in this department. I had my whole neighborhood; the entire “dabarkads” salivating whenever our olfactory nerves would smell dried fish being cooked.

Sometime past, I used to see my father on weekends and his caregiver would always whisper to me in a manner of reporting that her client never had a bad appetite whenever she would serve fried salted dried fish for meal. And it has been a recurring theme also when I was still a juvenile running around our dining area during mealtime. The scent alone, never mind the time and those yelling voices, was a signal time to get into the proper position in the dining table.

I have virtually tasted the best foods in town either served in famous eateries or even in five star hotels but personally (and me thinks the Filipino palate is my company), I would rather enjoy only a full meal consisting of plain rice and tuyo.

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