It was an exciting match up to see former bottom dwellers now on stellar show.  Golden State won its first NBA title 40 years ago and the Cavaliers, as yet to win a ring since time immemorial.  The NBA Finals traditionally has been a tournament limited only to a few ball clubs even if at the start there were around 39 outfits gunning for a stint.  For some time, it was the Lakers, then the New York Knicks, the Boston Celtics and recently the San Antonio Spurs, Oklahoma and Miami Heat.  Now, all these clubs slid down and were even eliminated, forced by young savvy players unto an exceptional show of endurance and physical superiority.

Cavaliers is led by legendary hoopster LeBron James, a chip of the block on the combined greatness of Julious Erving, Magic Johnson and Michael Jordan.  Nobody in the planet can beat him mano a mano.  On the other end of the line, we have Steph Curry, recently conferred an accolade Most Valuable Player, with a relatively slim frame of 6’3 (compared with LeBron’s 6’8 height).  But Steph has a quality he possesses, something which even the best NBA players could hardly muster—he is almost flawless in dribbling and in mid-range, 3 point shooting, free throw shooting, assisting and even rebounding.  These are conducted during clutch time.  It can also be said that during LeBron’s heyday, he almost shared the same acumen.

Now, these two ball clubs will have to define greatness in their own respective performance.  And during the first game, shades of victory can already be felt.  While Golden State won in overtime, there was a fact established which Cavaliers could proudly pronounce—their best player can carry their club to the top.

And here is one situation when an outstanding player faces an outstanding team.  Which will the gods favor:  a superb individual or a closely knit group?  Basketball, of all games in the world of sports, is everything about teamwork.

Which club will prevail in the end?  My guess is, with all due respect to a great player in LeBron, is Golden State.

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