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Mar Roxas once thought some time ago that he was ripe for the Presidency but he gave up and turned it over to Noynoy Aquino, who eventually won.  This was 5 years ago.  Now, he is already ready for the jugular so to speak.  But wait.  Roxas was defeated in the Vice Presidency by Jejomar Binay and now it is Binay who, right from the start, has manifested interest to take over the reign in 2016.  And initially, survey was in his favor.

But just like any competition, the would-be champion must pass through a web of challenges and come out of the labyrinth standing tall.  Binay’s height had nothing to do with the test but his record, questionable record as a former executive of Makati.  Out from the woodwork were qualified aspirants for the post too.

The field is now ready to take on personalities who would likewise vie for the highest temple in the land and there were a number of excited takers.   Well, majority are still testing the waters but some have already made direct steps although not in the formal sense yet.  Others are still weighing things up because a national post requires a considerable war chest or a huge financial backing.  One must have to bankroll a whole fortune just to be in the confederacy.  Check out Valentin de los Santos of Lapiang Malaya who some time past aspired for the highest post and died a pauper.  Well, actually he was killed.

Ask anyone in the street who they are rooting for and the response is confusing.  For those who are watching the news regularly, Binay would suffer the most.  Media’s penchant for negative reporting created a dent on whoever they would bash through their spin.

And then there is Senator Grace Poe, as she elegantly handled a Senate inquiry into the defects of PNP.  She came out as a good presiding officer—- composed, objective and fair.  She may be a good material for the Presidency.  But like anyone who is treated majestically by media, media would scrutinize until something goes wrong awfully for the person.  Grace accordingly is a foundling on league with Tarzan who was likewise abandoned in the jungle.

Ping Lacson made little announcement but sent out a message through television 30-seconder that he was a good choice.  After the costly program filler, the commercial just faded away.  Rudy Duterte followed with his own 30 seconder but would be a bit shy when asked if indeed he would be throwing his hat into the ring.

Before them, there was Bong Revilla and Jinggoy Estrada but they were instantly slapped with grave cases rendering them virtually paralyzed from their detention cells.  Whoever would cast the first stone usually gets the bigger rock in return.  Bongbong Marcos tried the demure way but as soon as the people would respond, he was pictured as someone who never even completed formal education abroad.  Worst, he was even charged of lying for fancying himself as a graduate of a prestigious foreign university.  He remained quiet after the censuring.

Senator Miriam Santiago seemed the most ideal but she admitted to a precarious health condition.  Even if she backtracked and claimed that she has been through a fatal ailment, the flicker in her star would suffer.

Senator Chiz Escudero may have hit the mass base with his marriage to a show biz personality but it merely cheapened his integrity among the influential sector of the voting population.  He could go far only up to the level of vice presidency post if he intends to run for a higher post.

Senator Allan Peter Cayetano tried everything in the book.  A 30 seconder on TV, a continuing media blitz against a front runner, a run for the controversy, everything.  But all these simmered down.  Mayor Erap Estrada does not need this anymore since he could just file his candidacy and the electorate would be electrified already except that his age no longer inspire.  Gibo Teodoro, the best President could have been, would never hear any siren song anymore.  He would rather pilot his plane to his heart’s desire.

Had Manny Pacquaio clobbered Floyd Mayweather, he could have been an easy picking but Las Vegas is Las Vegas.  If you know how gambling operates.  Then of course we have the dazzling Willy Nepumuceno who could mimic almost all presidential aspirants and may be the next big thing but politics is for him a low road and his integrity could not be sacrificed.  He would rather make fun of politicians than be one of them.

Now who to vote for President next year?  I will just wait for the grand winner of “Your Face Sounds Familiar!

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  1. Glenda Tensuan

    Duterte is my Man…discipline and peace is what this country needs❤️


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