Please bear with me as I think aloud.

Whoever enjoyed incarceration even if lived under an air of privilege must be some kind of a nut.

(Napoleon Bonaparte was imprisoned in an island, in a fortress like mansion ,given a runner and amenities; but just the same, he died a broken hearted man.  Had there been media during Rizal’s banishment in Dapitan, the national hero may have been scandalized then sent to NBI  detention center for being given a VIP treatment by the guardia civil!)

I have yet to see someone padlocked just for five days inside a five star hotel coming out refreshed and rejuvenated.  I have yet to see somebody having a grand time taking a bath in a luxurious tub surrounded by pure predators having a pleasurable time of his life.  I have yet to talk to a prisoner who has sunk himself with expensive liquor for days on end and still live longer with a defective liver, still grateful and feeling superior.  If at all there is scandalous immersion on luxury inside a penal facility, it is a suicidal sign, morbid and melancholic.

I don’t know why there is fuzz whenever the prison community is seen having a grand time splurging on the fruits of crime.  Why be concerned when inmates virtually immersed in drugs when in the process they would just wither and violently end their criminal career in the confines of their cells.  I don’t think that drugs ought to be circulated in the free community instead of prison.  Better dump all confiscated drugs in prison and let those of clean conscience and with clear re-habitable habits survive.  Those who care less of themselves let them perish as they were.

Rehabilitation is a prison program strictly intended only for those who wanted to cleanse themselves and be embraced again by a law abiding world.  Those who ignore this call and instead try to conduct themselves away from decency are merely trying to say good bye.  They cannot escape from the barrier; they challenge the gods of sanity and eventually expire sooner. Let them be.

In imprisonment there is a constant battle between feeling hopeless and being hopeful.  Given the pain, the temptation, the irascible and unstable restrictive environment of the prison community, only those fitted to conduct constructive lives are qualified to survive.  Prison is a horrible filtration process.  Let it be.

Why be surprised to note that millions of criminal money are in circulation in the prison community, spent on  vile, perquisites and vices intended to paralyze the user, when prohibiting it would mean, rechanneling the funds from abuse to financing criminality by syndicates preying on the people in the free community.  Why not concentrate instead on running after politicians and government officials squirrelling people’s tax money, laundering it in some places then electing or appointing them anew to exploit people.

When I was a rookie in the prison service, I saw the building plan of the entire National Penitentiary.  I wanted to master the terrain before I go into an inspection tour.  Thereupon, I noticed that on paper there was a building although in reality there was a vacant space.  An officer whispered that the materials to be used in the building were instead utilized by the prison administrator in constructing his own house.  I merely shrugged my shoulder and said to myself that nobody was protesting so why would I.

Years and several inmate admissions later, the prison population has grown leaps and bounds, and some inmates could no longer be accommodated sanely in the dormitories forcing those inmates with resources to build their own shanties which were later referred to as “kubol.”  This time, the public was scandalized!  I held my breath.  If government money is stolen, there was silence.  But when stolen money is spent for government, people are aghast.

I don’t know where to put my senses now in this kind of situation.  If you think imprisonment is fun, think no more!

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