ten years

When I was 18 years old, I asked a friend, my classmate in elementary and a buddy, how he would look ten years hence.  He answered that he does not even know what will be their succeeding meal for the day and determining what happens in several years was for him more impossible to discern.  He never tried as he virtually lived one minute at a time.  He passed away recently and probably at a loss too on what will happen to his family a decade after he was gone.  Of course, it would be up to those he left behind to do that but he denied himself the excitement of projection.

Anyway, dividing by ten one’s life span is worth as an exercise on planning.  And defining each ten up to the 10th, the centennial, hopeful, mark would make some kind a difference.  One can reach the highest mark or not but nonetheless, something has been achieved through foresight.

One is given a lifespan to be consumed in a manner one wishes.  How it would end depends on how one would spend it.  Steve Jobs crossed over at the age of 56 but has accomplished so much.  His achievement as he may have envisioned and worked on it made mankind leap several millennia ahead.  Alexander the Great died at the age of 26 and war history is barren without mentioning his exploits.  His adventure was a defining movement for civilization.  They are but a couple of influential giants among the brilliant hundreds that gave humanity its refinements and they have done it in a few years within their respective timeline.  They may not have checked it by tenths but definitely they planned it that way.  That is what is strategizing is all about.  And that is what great minds are constantly focused and engaged.

Ordinarily, from 0 to 10, a person is given a period for growth and nurturance. From 11 to 20th, his training and education must be prepared.  From 21 to 30th, he should be gainfully employed.  By the time he reached 31 to 40, he should be made.

On his 41th to 50th, on his golden years, he should be preparing for the succeeding phase of his life.  From 51 to 60, he should be philosophical and profound in his thoughts.  By the time he reaches 61 to 70, he must be prepared to meet his fate.  The bonus years of 71 to 80, must be exciting except that his knees could only carry him for a while although his mind may already be fleeting from one dream to another.  From 81 to 90, assuming he is still has the cognitive faculty; he is largely dependent on his environment.  91 to 100, he should be qualified to submit his eulogy on himself.

In between those years, a person is given so many opportunities.  He may tap or waste it.  He may utilize or discard it.  He may even choose to apply or ignore whatever it is he would encounter.  It could enhance his perception or make it dull.  Everything depends on how he would approach life in the manner he would appreciate the things passing through him.

In a flash, his lifespan is there as long as the way he conducts himself.  It may tragically end in a jiffy or it may spread out through eternity.

Such in outline form may be said of man’s life in contemporary times.

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  1. Well said Venancio Sir[I am catching the Filipino habit or calling everyone SIR or MADAM] I am no spring chicken have already served my three score years and ten plus four..If one does not have a plan or a dream in life its like the flower that never gets watered..it eventually dies..I was a very shy person up until the middle of my second decade..when I took up youth work in a Presbyterian Church.. from then on the unbudded flower began to blossom.Then I decided to go overseas to Vanuatu.. and work on a Bible College development farm..my first cross cultural experience..I loved it there..it has a very similar climate to the Philippines..complete with typhoons[hurricanes in the southern hemisphere] So what I am endeavoring to say is that one even though never really knows the future one must still have a goal in mind whether your in your second decade or you tenth.Coming here to this tropical paradise was an accident.. the details I will not got into but I met a young Filipino college girl from Manila online, who was helping run an English online teaching system into China.I intended to meet her then go onto China. I have not met her yet. but the plane stopped here and would go no further.. so I ended up in Bilibid prison not as an inmate.. but have been given a wonderful opportunity to meet and make some really wonderful friends..I often wonder what are they doing inside there?To form public speaking groups.. i wont mention any names but many are HOT and very good public speakers and I have learnt a lot from them about this wonderful country and its amazing politics..So to go back to the original topic.. without goal none of this would have happened.. even though the goal was not is this case what I Intended..I was intending to go the Middle Kingdom and see friends.. but that came at a later date…I also congratulate you on your quote…coming into Biibid has really immersed me in the contemplation of God..


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