faith and money

What makes man treacherous or fanatically loyal?  Or, what makes man a hero or heel? Or, to put it mildly, what makes man decide or defer?   It is clear from the standpoint of reality/ history, either it is because of money, sex or faith, its combination or all of it.

There are prominent cases where this has been demonstrated individually.  Judas betrayed his Master for 30 pieces of silver.  Sir Lancelot ran away with Queen Guinevere, the sensual wife of King Arthur and caused the downfall of Arthurian tradition and its Kingdom.  Al Queda, it has been said, bombed significant spots in USA because of their religious beliefs.

On the other hand, an employer dangles additional allowance on top of salary and out rightly, work becomes inspired.  When a person is madly in love, he can compose the grandest poem or love song.  And if his belief approaches divinity, expect miraculous effect.

There are a number of celebrated cases of espionage where money, large cache of funds, virtually sent some brilliant personalities into feats of death defying adventure.  Biblical accounts also are noted where sexual favors virtually dictated the fate of nations.  There numerous events where religion, while it invoked philosophy and peace, triggered war and dissension.

The world of the living therefore is governed by anyone or any combination or all of the things related to or directly pertaining with money, sex or faith.

Management gurus or terror specialists would point this out to determine the basis of one’s action.  It could likewise be means to achieve something stupid or grand.

Those bereft of money feels deprived. For those who cannot express sexual pleasure feels castrated.  Those without faith are oftentimes lost.  Those bankrupt, without love interest and no conviction at all have also lost their will or direction to a functional life.

In lower forms of animals, it is food, reproduction and instinct; almost the same as that of Man, except in the delivery or application.  It could be all, a simultaneous need to express their individual preferences depending on which are available.  For man, the greater, the better for his decision making.  Animals never decide, they persevere to attain what is there in front of them.

If there is nothing in the horizon, life perishes.  Likewise, if it is there and used negatively, then surely, the result will also be the same.

Positively engaged, money, sex and faith are the most stimulating incentives humanity has ever invented o received.   And this may be seen in the form of peace, family and prayer.

Awareness of this matter makes thinking or contemplating an opportunity to learn more.

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