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There are countless great men who lived long lives and influenced so many. Abraham died at the age of 175. Moses at the age of 120. King Solomon at the age of 80. Socrates at the age of 85. Plato at the age of 81.

But ironically, those who lived simple and short lives were more influential and whose lives virtually affected civilization and eventually the entire humanity. Aristotle died at the age of 63. Muhamad at the age of 62. Jesus of Nazareth at the age of 33. Alexander the Great at the age of 26. Jose Rizal at the age of 33. Steve Jobs at the age of 56. John F. Kennedy at the age of 46.

Age however does not matter when it comes to projecting one’s significance. Michael Jackson was a skinny 6 year old when his voice shot to the musical billboard with his hit song aired one after another and his musical wizardry continued for years until he was accorded as King of Pop. He crossed over at the age of 50. Harland David Sanders known to all mall goers as Col. Sanders of Kentucky Fried Chicken became known only after he retired from the naval forces as ship chef. His KFC business made good after he reached his 70s. He passed away a successful businessman at the age of 90.

Anne Frank scribbled to fame with her sentimental Diary which became an emblem of struggle during the Holocaust. She died at the age of 16 but her diary outlived her. It was eventually published and became an instant bestseller.

James Dean was in the film industry for just 18 months and had only three movies to his name but he became a cultural icon already. He died at the age of 24 but his projection continued as tradition in Hollywood for several years.

Revolutionary leader Emilio Aguinaldo fought for independence of the Philippine Islands, first against Spain and then against USA. He became the country’s first President. He could have been easily declared as his country’s foremost great leader, had he died earlier. He outlived his contemporaries and witnessed the birth of democracy in the years ahead. However, he died at the age of 95 having committed political errors which markedly stained his almost perfect record to be conferred as National Hero, a recognition which was obtained by Jose Rizal.

Deaths may have been brought by law (like that of Jesus, Socrates, Rizal, Anne Frank) or unwilled/willed accident (James Dean, Michael Jackson, John Kennedy) or sickness (Muhamad, Aristotle, Alexander the Great, Emilio Aguinaldo), whatever, it is merely a phase in the flow of humanity.

Life whether short lived or lived long depends largely on how it was spent. For those who willfully endeavored to live in the way they really wished and aimed for, then it’s a hell of a good and heavenly life it really is.

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