It was civilization that prompted Man to formulate a measurement for his actions, this he probably called time.  Whatever.

For some people, especially those who are waiting or whiling away, time is exceedingly slow, worrisome, cumbersome, sluggish and dawdling.

For those with deadlines to meet, engaged hurriedly to comply and wanting to accomplish something, time is inadvertently fast, unconsciously loose, mistakably unjust.

During my youth, time was something to splurge, something to waste, something to spend leisurely.  There was so much time that one is even tempted to throw it away aimlessly and carelessly in some unproductive moments, at times in a destructive manner.  No matter how stupid it may appear however, the process has advantages in terms of accumulating experience and verdant lessons in life.

There are exemptions however.  Most of my peers respected time as if it was a well-guarded jewel.  They treated it with respect.  They observed it meticulously.  They were all punctual, prompt and apt in every action.  No wonder, they were all on top of our class.

Those who like me who were unmindful of time, merely pushed our luck and depended much on chances to happen.  If it is positive, then we subscribe to a blessing; if not, we merely quip and express that it was a passing curse.

For those with fortunes to spare, time is inexplicably short and fleeting.  For those with little to claim, time is an obscenity.

Successful people wanted to freeze time as if it is something to be controlled, as if it is some kind of a task, a situation, a condition.

For ordinary folks, time is only a reflection of their environment, the changes in the climate, the cycle of concerns, the movement of the heavens.

Time waits for no one, says a song.  Yet a lot of people, mostly in undeveloped areas, where reading is almost a past time ignored, time is tirelessly waiting.

Generally speaking, for those in their bonus years, time is an equation—-whether conducted foolishly or otherwise, —–for a well spent life.


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