different folks

When a female Beta Splendens (commonly known as Siamese fighting fish)  gives birth to its spawn, it leaves behind several bubbles from which the male fighting fish, the father, will take the cudgels of taking care until the fingerling could feed on its own.  Shades of the marine sea horse which literally takes care of its babies on its womb!

In the animal kingdom, it is the parents, and how it nurtures its youngsters that determine the success of species survival.  Animals which are loyally attached to its kids are never affected by the stress and challenges of natural difficulties.  As a matter of fact, they became stronger and adept given the trials.  Animals with greater success rate in survival are those instinctively ferocious and live in a pack.

Among the human species, it is more on adherence to cultural practices that determine the status of its denizens.  In advanced countries like in Europe and USA, once a kid reaches the age of 18, he is already on his own.  In developing countries, a kid neve reaches his maturity since he lives with his parents until he marries and extends his family from within their original dwelling place.

In Oriental countries like ancient China, families seldom scatter especially those with wealth to preserve.   There is intermarriage, at times incestuous arrangements, even among the members of the clan.  In countries where foraging is still the mode, marriage among members of the clan is still prevalent.  To date, in more civilized societies however, this practice no longer is acceptable.

Wealth in the beginning of these millennia is made more on hard work than succession.  It is more on how a person is trained during his upbringing that matters.

The corner stone of nurturance begins from 0 age up to the time the youngster becomes strong to be independent.  Once they are on their own, the young adults pursue their dream until they reach the apex of their aspiration.   In modern societies, it is a parental duty to sustain their children’s education up until they graduate and secure employment.  From there on, it is the youth against the world proposition.   If at all they go back to their community of orientation, it is merely to be recharged and get more inspiration.

Seldom one hears a young adult complain about how they struggle since their credentials are in itself weapons they can easily use whenever the tough gets going.  And a background in education never fails one who has it.  It is a tough world today and those who can make it are those tough enough to endure it.

But there are instances when the youth chooses the lighter path, drops out of school and continues with their own personal and limited concerns.  They would rather veer away from the so called road less travelled.   This is a gamble and a matter of choice.  For the gifted, it is more a blessing.  For the ordinary run of youth however, it is a curse without salvation.

There are monumental failures that lead to gigantic accomplishments but these are more exceptional rather than the rule.  Those who succeed along these lines have greater threshold and audacity to pursue their lines.  They struggle without bothering the world around them.  They depended solely on how they focus on their craft at times ignoring where they are coming from.  Their posture is never contingent on whether their environment is favorable or not.  Their accomplishment reflects their genius.

But they are only a handful and the rest are copy cats.  For one thing, achievements largely depend on a specific approach depending on time and maturity.  Indeed, different folks require different strokes.

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