laughing old

Time indeed flies incredibly fast.

Sometime ago, I was always amused whenever older friends would doze off during a conversation.  Well, to a certain extent, It could be the dragging part of conversation as in listening to an uninteresting lecture that one pushes a person to the limits of his attention and failing to control his eyelids, snooze follows.

And it was not just a happenstance to note that older guys have smaller threshold when it comes to staying up awake even in broad daylight.  I don’t know whether it was intentionally done to make hilarity the theme of the day but it seems that it is biological.

After reaching the age of 60, the age my older friends would have their period of napping even during discussion, I could also feel a little drowsy.  If left alone, my tendency is to slumber already, even if I have a full nighttime sleep.  Now, this is biological and no longer amusing, well, as far as I am concerned; because here I am already a potential protagonist in the amusing art of performing siesta even at the height of animated conversation.

Now I try to recall what made those older guys during my youthful days very funny.  This may provide me insight so that I will not fall in the same category as subject of hilarity.

I have noted the following and pledged never to project it since these are never biological at all.  They are more social if not cultural.

  1. Older guys are no longer concerned about their appearance and most of all ignoring personal hygiene.
  2. They seldom smile and frown a lot.
  3. They seldom laugh.
  4. They no longer buy cologne or after shave lotion. As a matter of fact, they do not want to buy anything at all.
  5. Their finger and toe nails are always overgrown.
  6. They are unintentionally satirical, irritable and prickly.
  7. They are very sensitive and prone to depressive moments.
  8. They look at sex no longer as an action flip but as a momentary subject.
  9. They talk about ailments most of the time and talk repeatedly on the same subject.
  10. They move very slow and complain a lot.

To be that old and topic for laughter by the youth, the fellow need not force himself to look young at all.  One can have stem cell and all the anti ageing formula injected into his system but if the person behaves in the manner described above, then he would be the laughable old hag he would be.  Never mind the looks but it is the manner how he behaves and projects himself that betrays his age.

Getting old is no laughing matter actually.  In Chinese and Japanese martial arts movies, they are the revered masters.  Even in Western films featuring the mafia, it is the elder that portrays the godfather or kingpin.  In reality, they are highly respected and even esteemed.

Old people always feel superior because of experience.  They would have approached the level of godhood already except that nature has its check and balance mechanism.  Man cannot transcend anything that is beyond its nature.  Hence, old people get a lot of sickness to lure them from the thought of omnipotence.

And when an old man tries hard to achieve something beyond the limit of his nature or forget in updating himself, then that indeed is tragic and well, very funny.


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