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Well, of course, it is frivolous to forecast what would happen in the next 100 years.  By then a lot senior citizens today are already goners, me included.  But what makes it very interesting is when one gets a glimpse of the future based on writers who studied trends to understand the past and anticipate the future.  I have read the book of George Friedman “The Next 100 Years” and it was indeed very fascinating.  Jacques Attali’s seminal work “A Brief History of the Future” is equally a very engaging book too.

It is as if I have cheated time.  I have already known what would transpire several years from now.

Sometime ago, author Alvin Toffler, a writer whose future prognosis he encapsulated in a series of books “ The Future Shock”, followed by “The Third Wave” and recently “Revolutionary Wealth” encouraged me to study contemporary times in relation to futuristic view.  And indeed, what he saw in time became a reality.  His forecast became a reality.  I was effective also in my career because I know what exactly the events that would unfold are.  Although it was merely token since I had no use of such insight then because I had youth and it was equivalent almost to immortality.

But old age must have a purpose and since it could no longer be retracted, the most a person could do is merely take a glimpse of that which would happen years from now.  Rizal’s “ The Philippines A Century Hence” is an essay on how he projected the country within a hundred years.  Rizal might have been contented even if he would depart that he already knows what will happen to his country even assuming he lives a hundred more years.  Politics though did not allow him the luxury but of course, even then, he lived through the events just the same.

Reading books about the future predominate much of my time.  It is an exciting preoccupation to learn things that would unfold in the forthcoming centuries.  It stretches the mind.  But of course, there are certain things which would remain for ages, like the game of Chess.  There will be variations of the sport but definitely, the original template is more challenging.

There will be more variations coming from a singular and eminent invention.  The internet for one.  While it became popular and mass based, its development is even exponential.  Knowledge and information content are updated in milliseconds and stored even in microchips which later might be reduced into minute particles.

But what baffles mankind is the development in science whence life can be preserved and allowed to be thawed for eternal continuity.

This is could be the apex of man’s intelligence.  We are still a notch higher than the ground level but technology pushes the boundaries of science.  Much knowledge is still stack in the drawers of those interested in science fiction. It may someday come to pass.  And in due time, life becomes perpetual.

When that happens, then the question of what to do with remaining years would already be obsolete.

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