Sing a song without any timing and no matter how great your voice is, your piece is worth a trash.

Accompany a singer with an expensive musical instrument but if played without timing, the whole exercise is a waste of effort.

The secret behind a successful venture is always conducted with timing, or proper reckoning of a beat or a period.  Same is true in cooking, driving, piloting, taking medication, undergoing surgery, competing in sports, studying lessons, proposing, taking examinations, laughter or just about any human activity.

Timing is something to be learned through practice.  It is a method in tracking time when an event is happening in time.   And it is in constantly rehearsing as in drills and related workout that one gains familiarity, confidence and competence in a specific field.  A great swimmer does not become one in an instant.  Constant, at times unmerciful oftentimes severe and unsparing practice makes a perfect athlete.  It is the unforgiving discipline which a person subjects himself that makes a big difference.  It is that which differentiates an exceptional person from an ordinary pedestrian.

Of course, the main course, the principal component a person must possess, which everyone has in the first place, is interest.  It is the beginning, the starting point of his persuasion towards attaining what is objected to.  When a person’s interest becomes a passion, or when the person begins to mount some kind of a crusade, a movement, a campaign, that in itself becomes the driving force that moves a person towards a singular direction.  Here is where his focus lies.  Here is where his perfection commences.

As the person concentrates, he is forced into a trial and error.  What comes out in perfecting his craft, whatever it is, is his ability to execute with timing.  Once he gets into the groove, so to speak, then he can deliver winning points.  The art of winning is precisely what mastery of timing is all about.

One can also extend the concept of timing even for health purposes.  Also, in projecting the future.  Or, even in seeking a favor.

It is a person’s awareness or consciousness on things happening around that eventually makes a person very alert on his milieu.  A person easily becomes a recipient of opportunities given the situation.  He leads and always above the throng.  Knowing when to act, he becomes dominant.  In the final reckoning, he becomes not only a controlling power but a master of his environment.

He may not defeat time, but always, time is on his side.  He has gained that ability to choose the best moment.

Indeed, timing is everything.

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