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Several dictionaries offered numerous, almost similar, definition of the term “mama’s boy.”

  1. “ a boy or man who is excessively influenced by or attached to his mother.”
  2. “A grown male who allows or desires his mother to control most aspects or decisions of his life for him.”
  3. “A boy or man who is considered to be overly close to his mother and often timid or overprotected.”
  4. “A grown male still dependent on his mother.”
  5. “a boy or man who is seen as weak because he is controlled or protected too much by his mother.”

Of course, in this country practically all boys are mama’s boys considering the fact that we are almost a matriarchal society much like that of Lebanon.  It has been said that the Lebanese President would not decide on a sensitive issue unless his mother is aware of it.  Well, in this country, we have as yet…

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