Benjamin Franklin, one of the founding fathers of USA , was quoted to have expressed that “In this world, nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes.”  And indeed it’s true.

In this country, taxes meant a lot for the survival of government and precisely because the State wanted not only for its machinery to work pretty well, it must as a matter of course introduce basic services for the improvement of its citizen’s quality of life.  Hence, it must require, force if need be or threaten to a large extent, anything that moves to contribute to the national coffers.

Businesses are taxed.  Anything that makes money must as a rule chip in if not be squeezed out.  But taxes should only be made once.  Make it double then it exacts already a toll on the tax payer.  It is like giving something wholeheartedly to someone who needs and then being duped later by the person who was assisted.

Don’t look now but people are in this situation lately.  While almost 30%, actually its 32% to be exact,  of their income goes to government revenue, the remaining is spent on commodities slapped with Value added taxes.  A person is taxed the moment he receives his salary and he is again taxed the moment he spends what remains in his pocket.

It is the ordinary worker who is virtually tricked.  Businesses would merely pass on the taxes they pay for government to the consumers.  Hence, the private sector can declare a neat profit margin in the end.  But for the ordinary crew, his salary is ripped and what remains would likewise be ripped once he moves towards expenditures.  And,  the  person actually has no choice.  Inability to pay taxes would be a penalty to disenfranchise his employment.  If he does not want to be taxed the second time around,   he should not procure anything.  If he does, then he dies of starvation.

Philippine Star columnist Alex Magno wrote that “Filipino wage earners have to contend with a high food price regime, among the highest power costs in the world, comparatively lower wage levels and horrible traffic just to get to to work, and a government takes away a third of his income.”

A large chunk of what remains in his pocket is devoted to food.  To pay for other requisites, a person must have another job, get a loan or seek credit somewhere, pawn whatever assets he had or left without any choice, transact with the devil itself!

Our legislators should determine the proper approach in reducing the burden of the Filipino wage earner and discourage any idea on introducing additional taxes.  There were claims that the Filipinos are already overtaxed.

Much as they want to mount a tax revolt,  a large sector could not make it because of the expense factor.  They would rather suffer and bear.  It’s a teleserye life for the majority.

After all, they all deserved it by electing those they idolized in screens depicting difficulties and winning in the end.  Well, except that in real life, everyone was a loser.  Sadly, it’s the idiocy of the many and stupidity of the majority that rules.

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