world war 3

FVR ever keen in his political perception said that violent streaks happening in the Middle East, in Africa and in France are indicative already of World War III in chapters.

I thought that my generation would never encounter such a severe threat.  Not at a time when technology, wizardly and human race are veering away from senseless destruction and essentially courting the golden age of harmony and prosperity.  I thought for a while that John Lennon’s song “Imagine” has already been internalized and that it has become the anthem of humanity.  I thought that conflicts have been reduced to obsolescence in most regions of the world.  I thought that advances in science, knowledge and human understanding have ensured mankind of lasting stability.

I thought that discrimination has finally been put to rest.  That man no matter what race, color, creed and religion is already convinced that he is a citizen of the world.  Globalization made everything simple.  It is mother earth as one as viewed in relation to other planetary zones.  Man has ceased to look at his fellow man as an enemy to deal with.  It is man and his demon only and never man versus man.

I thought that my generation was blessed comparatively speaking than the preceding generations when they have to recuperate from the injuries and trauma of war one period after another.  We had nothing of that except to multiply.  We were called baby boomers because of that.  That mankind today has virtually founded the means to apply ideas in furtherance of its mission to defeat death and dearth; and even to propose to make life perpetual and constantly in motion.

These thoughts would be shattered in a jiffy.

The cruel and barbaric initiation of deadly violence against hundreds of innocents in Lebanon, Palestine, Yemen, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Kashmir show a scary enlargement of confusion  from among countries led by visions of greatness.  As a consequence of the absurd attack on civilians in Paris, France allowed a merciless airstrike and aerial bombardment on the capital town where perpetrators of violence converge.  Violence bred violence, an eye for an eye, tit for tat.  That should signal the birth of another man made conflagration.  And it will never end until both protagonists would be wiped out including its surrogate sympathizers.  That means all the respective patrons of adhering powers.

It would not take long when the effects of the violent exchanges would extend in other countries.  In declaring war against the perpetrators of violence, France sounded off USA, Russia for a joint attack on IS controlled areas in the Middle East.   In the Philippines, unlike in other Asian states, the conglomeration of contending adherents is massed within a small space staring each other as if in a duel.

Humanity will never be the same if at all World War III would heighten and continue unabated.  The best weaponry ever made will be aimed and unleashed; and the worst of its effects would befall mankind in its most destructive and damaging proportion.  The fall out of radiation, the decibels of explosion, the treachery from every gunfire, hell fire, as all living things would suffer the debilitating conclusion; until the earth cracks from its foundation and falls silent from the debauchery.

There will indeed be concord amidst stillness; a lifeless peace.

I thought we are lucky.

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