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Who cares about the defenseless?  Who gives hope to the powerless?  Who is concerned about the harassed?  But of course, there is the State.  Oh no, excuse me; it’s not even government at this time.  The State has been cheapened by politics and succor virtually lost in its essence to guide the people.  And definitely, not any Tom, Dick and fucking Harry around to make lighter any heavy load.  Only a few daring souls would leave their comfort zone if at all.    There is intrigue and fear that hovers whenever one helps.   No one is inspired except those with exceptional courage.  It drains a person of his safety and it makes him a target for envy.  Dito sa Pinas, ang sumisikat lang ay araw!

Not everyone is fit to receive his or her 15-minute fame unless they are at the right time and at the right place.  Ganyan din pag minamalas.  I had my own share of the fame before until I got the short end of the exposure.  But it was swell of an experience.  I got a few admirers and an army of bashers.

And then as if media had nothing to focus its fling on, it found “tanim-bala” the flavor of the day.  It has a penchant to amplify a simple incident, make the insignificant significant, transform a lackluster day into an adventure filled moment.  But this time around something went remiss and media got its bearing properly as they bannered a monstrous incident to the fore.

There was this OFW about to depart at the airport when she was flagged down, got instantly manacled and charged.  She contacted her counsel and there was Atty. Spocky Farolan at the front line.  He was flashed as “Spooky” and later was changed to “Spanky” but nonetheless, the brouhaha improved with a correct spelling to his name.  And there was Atty. Spocky  engaging airport authorities, law enforcers and media in one blitz representing a middle aged OFW on her rights.  Hindi ko nga alam kung paano naging abogado si Spocky ng OFW kasi last I heard of was Spocky’s involvement in Red Cross and UP Vanguards. His legal outreach may have been extended since kaya siguro ganun.  Anyway.

That initial round of controversy blew up.  It was never the intention of anyone to make hell out of a haywire but when there is scarcity of news, when scandal is far in between, when people are puked already at the regularity of raid in prison drawing the same contraband, media had no any alternative than make it appear that the dog wags instead of his tail.

And so to make that instance of a defensible act look like a national controversy, media covered it as if it was a major incident.  And it really was in the first place.  It eventually became a cause celebre even international news agencies would burn its wires to deliver travel advisories with caution.   Suddenly, tourism and interest to visit the shores of the country by expatriates slumped.

Accordingly, an OFW being mulcted at the airport with charges not to her own doing, having been planted with contraband to make a legal issue out of her passage, even if just once, and  this is already terrible.  To think that there were a number of cases before the incident, where victims came out to declare that they too were victimized, is no longer a happenstance.   Not only locals but foreigners too were questioned and held up.   This is criminal already and the State must come in.

Atty Spocky Farolan found himself in the midstream of a brewing national controversy and aside from ogling government functionaries who wanted a piece of the action, which fortunately create a dint against people bent on their syndicated mulcting and gave flesh to awareness too, the nefarious activity at the airport stopped for a while.  Just in time during the Apec conference.

Actually, this was not attributed to a reduced syndicated activity; it was more on the manner airline passengers wrapped their belongings with thick cellophane!

Atty Farolan’s role in this entire scenario had no awareness from the woodwork that followed.  He merely offered his legal services, as it was his wont in his outreach plans and programs and what followed were an influx of do-gooders, from legislators to hackers offering their respective forces to deal with such controversy.  And he stirred the whole reprehensible practice up to its dying breath.

The youthful lawyer was there at the start and he was likewise in that situation when the incident was won over.  There was no politics involved, no compromises, only an extended arm of someone willing to help that mattered.

Heroes either create events or are made by it.  Atty Spocky Farolan was both.







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