man vs machine

The movie “Terminator” shown some time ago, advanced the idea that one day, man will be pitted against the machine.  And man since the early period of his civilization has been constantly involved in this engagement.

Man versus the big bike (The way stunt and daredevil bike driver Evel Knievel handled his bike in a feat no mortal could ever try but tried he did—-jumping with his bike for 151 feet high above parked cars and landing safely in a spectacularly bone-crashing manner.) .  Man versus a flying machine (High flying aviator Charles Linbergh conquered the world imagination when he made a first ever solo transatlantic flight at a time when aircrafts were just  being  tested).

Man versus computer (Reminds us of the 6-day Chess duel between Chess world champion Anatoly Kasparov and IBM super computer Deep Blue. In the 1996 match, Kasparov won but in the 1997 rematch, the machine won.).  Man versus military hardware (During the Vietnam war, the lowly Viet congs were pitted against the mighty and advance military arsenal of US.  Vietnam won the war handily.)  Man versus science.  Man versus robots.

Although the machine is largely attributed as an invention of man, it came to a point when his power will be challenged by his creation.  Like the Almighty, it came to a point when He would be disobeyed by Adam, a piece of mud given a breath of life.  That started the story of mankind if the Bible is to be believed.

But let me be sanguine about certain issues in these contemporary times.

The candidates will have to brace themselves towards a gamut of challenges, from doling out goodies, handing over allowances, giving up comfort, hassling in marketplaces or plazas where there is convergence of people, everything from tinkering with tricks on how to look good through expensive advertisement to sponsoring games, conferences and the whole shebang.  All for the sake of winning.

Meanwhile, Comelec will only have one problem to reckon.  It is, if push comes to shove, the technical glitch in the machine.  Electricity which runs the whole mechanism must be constant, continuous and unbroken, something which power distributors are wont to promise.  There lies the strain.  At the rate power supply is dwindling and failing, the machine will be left on its own to device its function.  We become dependent on how it will conduct itself.  For all we know the PCOS engine might suffer also a mechanical flaw called SUA or “sudden unintended acceleration” too!

I cannot but contemplate on this matter now that election is just a semester away.  I cannot but imagine what would be the result, following the above concern, whether which would prevail in a feat of man versus machine, that is,  the presidential aspirants versus the PCOS machine!



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