As I was driving through the streets leading to my place, I had this creepy feeling that nothing has changed since the 70s.  Probably, it’s because my place has been sluggish in development but it seems that I was just too engrossed in driving that actually I never noticed all street corners I was passing through never evolved at all.  The placid atmosphere, the sleepy environs, the slow moving pedestrians in their shabby clothing, dusty roads, unkempt surroundings,  disheveled stores, disorganized parking of tricycles, the looks.  It was the same scenario I have seen way back and probably would date back years more.

My mother, who departed in late 80s would not have missed anything.  Same can be said on my father and sister.  They never would have missed anything at all.  And I would even venture to say that years more after I am gone, the same condition would still be obtained and will be seen and felt by the succeeding generations after mine.

And why not.  Even the kind of emotions, the manners, the thoughts, expectations, fears, trials, challenges and dreams of our ancestors as reflected in Biblical lore has never changed.  Man indeed has been the same since his creation or evolution, whichever one prefers to adhere.

Life indeed is everything as highlighted in literature—comedy, tragedy, drama, romance and suspense.  There is also an element of horror, thrill, adventure and incongruity.  It is not a matter of design or something that elicit fate but some kind of response to a situation.  There is luck, good or bad, some kind of chance, fortuitous or serendipitous but life continues or at times it ends excruciatingly slow or in a flick.

There are token improvements like advances in sciences, philosoophy or a leap frog by technology but man remains the same all throughout; and with such static condition, man’s environment remains basically inert or at a standstill.  He may have opted to stay abroad, in some places far from his community of orientation or stay put where he was born, but everything remains the same.

While it can be said that life is spiral or circular if not linear, that is life follows death and vice versa, there are no radical deviations for the last hundreds of thousand years since man manifested his intelligent presence on earth.

Man is still the animal that he was since the beginning of his time.


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