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For the elderly, life has gone full circle once he attains his senior years.  His eye sight is no longer as keen but he can thoroughly analyze without looking;  he could only walk for a few paces but he can transcend and determine what is there at the end;  he would be hard of hearing but he has heard so much wisdom throughout which could last a lifetime;  his complexion no longer supple but his beauty becomes deeper,;  his knees not that stable and his metabolism has slowed down even his appetite and sense of urgency but he remains relevant because he knew what timing and patience are all about.

While he may have secured so much knowledge, saved resources, accomplished a lot and got the necessary adulation and respect, something which the youth might have dreamt to have on his prime, the elderly just would whip it up in the corner of his room, sulking and to a  certain extent satisfied.  He has done so much and has been there then back.  Growing old is a privilege only for the fit but just the same, at the end of the day, it does not matter anyhow.

There was this viral post on internet which says:  For the youth, they have the time and energy but no money; for adults, they have energy and money but no time; for the elderly, they have the money and time but no energy.  That virtually summed up the three stages of life although not as definite as it may sound comprising 30 years for each.

The first 30 years, from 0 formative to ripe 30 years, time was full of adventure, scholastic and extracurricular.  It is devoted to thrill, daring and braggadocio.  It is about trial and error; hitting or missing; winning and losing.  It is also a period to learn discipline and the formulation of manners that would dictate the succeeding period.  What becomes of the person at this stage sets the definition of whatever career he intends to fulfill.

The second 30 years, from 31 to 60 is a telling score and a revelation of how he spent his first 30 years.  If he gains employment or self-employment, through services or business, the person has full wit and smart enough to deal with the excitement and frustrations life could offer.  The person must be busy with all concerns at his disposal.  It could spell the difference also on how he would govern the last stage of his life.  His struggles at this point, and how he managed it, would introduce what will be the tempo of his succeeding time

Then, finally, the next stage, from 61 to 90, he reaches out assuming that all things are normal from the physical standpoint and genetic consideration.  Had the person never dared during the first stage, never struggled in the second, the third and final stage would be tragic.  He would have no more strength to rewind and recompense.  He would just be a sample of how nature would treat him.

Had the person fought and kicked himself up into the ladder of challenges, braved all the demons that came his way, defied convention and confronted odds, he may be thrashed, assaulted and would perish, but if he survives, then the universe owes him a lot.

Whichever, if the person led an inconsequential life or an exciting one worthy of more, just the same, it sucks getting old.



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  1. it sucks yet fulfilling😊


  2. Hi sir! I really love reading your stories. I even went to all these bookstores and asked for your book but it seems they don’t have it. I was wondering where or how can I avail it.


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