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If the so-called Napoles affidavit would be indication on the type of personalities and their respective records would be made as reference in choosing who among them will be chosen to be elected then the electorate must brace themselves for a bad trip.

In the document which Napoles submitted to DOJ for review and which was furnished Senate, there were allegedly  20 Senators and 100 Congressmen named who benefited and received millions from the bogus  NGO transactions of Napoles which turn out were irregular acts to defraud government of its funds.  And there are damning documents or paper trail, a warehouse full of them literally, to confirm the accusations.

It is sickening.  Hundreds of millions of people’s money were virtually wasted, splurged and wallowed viciously by those elected to public officers who were sworn to protect the coffers of the State.  Yet none of them have been brought to the bar of justice unlike one prisoner I once administered who was convicted for doctoring his daily time record which gave him P150.00 worth of advantage.  The fellow was hastily imprisoned for 10 years on the charge of malversation!

If the wheels of justice grind according to its ideal configuration,  those named in the so called Napoles’ list would sooner or later be indicted for graft and corruption.  This is on the assumption that justice will be handed down on the suspects like anyone.  But it might be a “suntok sa buwan” since majority of them are vying for significant positions in the coming 2016 election.

While all presidential candidates project straight and serious policy in dealing with wrong doing, ironically their respective VPs are right at the forefront of Napoles’ illicit transactions.  VP Binay has Gringo Honasan.  Senator Grace Poe has Chiz Escudero; Mayor Digong Duterte has Allan Cayetano; Senator Miriam Santiago has Bongbong Marcos.   Mar Roxas is lucky since Leni Robredo is not in the condemned list.

The unsettling part is this.  Chiz, Allan ,Gringo and Bongbong were all included in the infamous affidavit.  It has as yet to receive confirmation but once the information is verified and compared with the record of whistle blower Benhur Luy then hell would break loose on the candidates.  If the enumeration would tally and I understand it will be because Benhur Luy was the one preparing the record of Napoles, then the political world of all four presidentiables would turn upside down.

Senator Grace Poe would find it unnerving to explain the innocence of Chiz on the latter’s involvement in the illegal racket of Napoles.  The same can be said on Mayor Duterte who is known as a stickler when it comes to the observance of law; how he would coddle Allan when his name is prominently a part of the “dirty twenty” senators.  VP Binay likewise would find it awkward to defend Gringo since he could not even mount his own defense against issues on corruption hurled at him.  Senator Miriam Santiago would have to fold up her witticism for a long period since the charges she is wont to hate are the same charges which Bongbong is being held to account.

Where will that bring the political future of the country if most of those who are preparing and enforcing the laws are themselves incapable from determining which is right and wrong.  And they who have chosen their better political partners are nowhere between Caesar’s wife and the new wave white side wall haircut.  Worse, these political partners were alleged to have been a part if not willing participants in the criminal machinations to defraud people’s money.  And worst is the possibility that they may even be elected.

Now, I have this confusing inclination whether to splurge my one precious vote on people who would rob me of my children’s future or just tutor my kids to contribute in the struggle to cleanse government through their initiative and discipline on independence.

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